Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats - PC

Monster Truck Madness 2
Game Description:Monster Truck Madness 2 combines outrageous attitude, unrestrained racing and real monster trucks to provide a fun and exhilarating off-road driving experience across rugged and challenging terrain. The graphics really rock in this version. The new graphics engine finally fully uses the Direct X that they developed so the game play is faster and more detailed, even on lower end systems. There are even snow, fog and other weather effects in this game.
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Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

  • Breakneck Ridge: Hockey game

    There is a large lake with two goalposts set in the water just past checkpoint two in Breakneck Ridge. Get into the cockpit mode and drive into the middle of the lake. There is a hockey puck that looks like a tire at the bottom of the lake. Drive it around and through the goals. REMEMBER: Set the weather to "Snow" to have the puck appear on the...

  • Sidewinder Canyon: Bonus track

    Reach the fourth checkpoint on the Sidewinder Canyon track. Pass the bridge and quickly turn right when passing through the barricades on the right side. Drive along the dirt road and stop after the first bridge. Turn right to reach another bridge and drive until it ends. A checkpoint labeled "Pit" will appear. Enter that checkpoint to enable...

  • Train bump

    Set your truck up with shallow cut tires, transfer gear on (all the way), more speed, and soft suspension. Chase the train on any track and you should eventually catch up and bump it from behind. You will need to reach up to at least 60 mph to drive the same speed as the train, and get up to 80 mph in the final run.

  • Hidden track

    Using your text editor to edit the "monster.ini" file in the "system" sub-directory in the game directory. Edit value on the "showHiddenTrack" line to "666".