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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Game Description:As Diablo II was wildly successful, Blizzard chose to make an expansion that will add a fifth Act, featuring six quests in the Barbarian Highlands. Two unique classes, the female Assassin and the male Druid, will be available featuring new skills. More monsters, items including powerful sets and class-specific items, new Horadric Cube recipes, and interactive environments will all expand the the scope of Diablo.
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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Cheats

  • Get more experience

    Join a Battle.net or other multi-player game and join a party. You and your partner will share experience. The more people in the party, the more experience everyone gets.

  • Get any item

    Use this trick to get almost any desired item. Go to the person in your highest Act that gambles (for example, Gheed or Jamella). Go to gamble. A list of good items will appear. If you do not see anything desirable, exit, then go to gamble again. There will be a new list of items for sale. Repeat the process until you have found what you want.

  • Horadric cube items

    Mix the items below in the Horadric Cube to get that particular new item. 3 Perfect Gems + 1 Charm = 1 new Charm. 3 Perfect Gems + 1 Jewel = 1 new Jewel. 3 Gems of the same type and grade (except perfect) = 1 Gem of the next higher grade. 6 Perfect Skulls + 1 Rare Ring = 1 Rare Ring. 6 Perfect Skulls + 1 Rare Amulet = 1 Rare Amulet. 3 Perfect...

  • Secret cow level

    Beat Baal under same difficulty as the cow level. Take Wirt's Leg (found in Tristram) and a Tome Of Town Portal and put them in the Horadric Cube. You must transmute them in Act 1.

  • Sound debug

    Push ENTER to open the chat screen, then submit (type) SoundChaosDebug, and you will hear a sound to confirm that you have entered the code correctly. To return to normal, repeat the code.

  • View debug information

    Begin a game and push ENTER to go to the talk mode, now type fps. The ping time, frame skip, and frames per second will appear in the upper left corner.

  • Get more money for items

    To increase the value of an item, have it identified by a Identify Scroll or by Deckard Cain. Your value will immediately increase.

  • Get eight times the experience

    Use the following trick to get eight times the experience. The host of the game must do the following. Press ENTER to enter talk mode and type players 8. Then, press ENTER and type player 8 in a different message box. Remember: Although you will get eight times the experience for each kill, the monsters will also be eight times stronger. You can...