Stars! Supernova - PC

Stars! Supernova
Game Description:Your newly re-emerging civilization faces impending doom. Your astrophysicists have learned that a nearby star, only a few light years away, will become a supernova in 50 years. They predict that the resulting blast of heat and gamma rays will kill most of you outright and leave a toxic world for the survivors. A mysterious alien savior has built a massive and empty space station in orbit of your world, and left. On board you find plans for technology advanced far beyond your own: faster-than-light engines and communications devices, deep space exploration ships for discovering new homes in other star systems, colony ships to take you there, ships for mining uninhabited worlds, and enormous bristling ships for conducting war. You also find housing for thousands of people, production facilities, and a space dock. In one of the bays, you find a prototype scout ship and a colonizer. You might just get everyone to safety, before everything you've worked for goes to hell. Currently in development, Stars! Supernova Genesis is a multi-geared, multi-player space strategy game with deep, well balanced gameplay that doesn't submit to a few winning formulas, that you can play either solo or online at almost any pace (from near real- time to scheduled turns).
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