Siege of Avalon - PC

Siege of Avalon
Game Description:Digital Tome calls its 2D, isometric RPG Siege of Avalon an Episodic Game Novel. The game is to be released in six chapters, downloadable on the Internet. The first chapter is free, while further chapters require purchasing them. The chapters came out between July 1, 2000 and June 22, 2001. The human kingdoms are trying to defend their lands from Mithras and his orc clans. After running the naval blockade, you begin the game in the besieged city of Avalon, searching for your brother Corvus. In the first chapter, you thoroughly explore the castle and the ruined village around it. Joining you later in the game will be several party members. Your character is a young, human male that can be a scout, fighter, or mage, although these classes aren't rigid, instead reflecting the skills you have emphasized. Many of these skills are applicable to combat, which is real-time. The game also has quests and lots of dialog, befitting it being a novel.
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