Gromada - PC

Game Description:GROMADA is an artificial planet built as a testing site for new battle machines, but now it has come under attack by aliens who have already gained control of all the battle machines on the planet but one, Cassandra, the player's own superb tank with unlimited battle capabilities; but even these will be severely tested by the mission which lies ahead: to single-handedly regain control over the entire planet and destroy all enemy units. However, these are not your only enemies: you must also fight against the weird mutated alien plants which have somehow colonized the planet. The game employs high-color graphics and isometric views. Fully animated plants and machines, highly realistic explosions, dynamic light and other special effects produce an immersing atmosphere of real combat. GROMADA is a family game: there are no human enemies or animated violence in the game. All the machines including player's tank are controlled distantly. Two levels of difficulty and verity of missions mean that children and adults can get equal fun from the game.
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