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Magic: The Gathering
Game Description:RPG with strategy game component based on a traditional card-based RPG system (Magic) and set in the Dominia game universe. The basis of the game is the collection of cards that represent spells, creatures and control of mana. The game is fairly complex and a good tutorial is incorporated. There are two game modes; campaign and duel. In duel mode you take control of some 60 pre-set selections of cards for duels against the computer. In campaign mode your character embarks on a quest to save the magical realm of Shandalar. In order to do this he must stop any of five wizards from performing the 'Spell of Dominion' that will let the evil Arzakon enter the realm. The gameplay consists of roaming the land, interacting with the inhabitants, combating the agents of the wizards and then defeating the wizards one by one.
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Magic: The Gathering Cheats

  • How to get extra gold

    Enter and retrieve the gold from the dungeons of the wizards (blue, black, white, red, green). Exit the building, and re enter it. Upon reentry, the castle will have changed, but you will have more gold in it.

  • How to beat mages quickly in duels

    When you play Shanadalar, if your deck has the card in known as the Black Vice, when you put your first Mana out, play the card. That will help damage the enemy enough to win without even bothering to play a single monster. The other way to defeat them is to use the Cursed Rack, but then you would have to make sure that the enemy puts almost all...

  • How to deeal extra damage every turn

    As soon as you are done with your turn while facing a CPU opponent, (Shandalar, Duel, etc.), click on your opponent's upkeep button on the side bar and play will progress to his turn. You can then click on one of his lands to tap it, and he will take 1 damage Mana Burn or more, depending on the land.