Fallen Haven - PC

Fallen Haven
Game Description:Fallen Haven is a quality turn-based strategy game that will challenge a gamer's strategical skills. The enemy AI and easy interaction make this game a lot of fun to play. Because it does not feature any real-time action, it isn't as exciting as some of the other strategy games on the market, but it is entertaining and does provide a worthwhile challenge. There are two campaign maps to play in Fallen Haven, the standard mission and a second, more difficult one, called The Last Hope. In the standard mission, each side begins on equal terms with one province. In the other campaign, the enemy controls all of the provinces but yours and you must prevail against these overwhelming odds. In either case, your goal is to capture your enemy's capital province. Your success will depend on the efficient use of resources and an ability to expand your control by overtaking neighboring colonies. These provinces can be neutral or controlled by the enemy. In addition, some neutral territories have special, one-time missions that can be attempted to gain extra resources or units.
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