Myst III: Exile Cheats - PC

Myst III: Exile
Game Description:MYST III: EXILE introduces a new villain who seeks revenge when he finds out his homeland was destroyed by Atrus' sons. The player must track the villain through several surrealistic Ages, navigating puzzles to uncover the truth behind this new adversary. Only then can disaster be averted to choose who was right and who was wrong. The villian is played by Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).
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Myst III: Exile Cheats

  • Get a headache

    When Saavedro steals the book and locks himself in the main horn, go up to the door he locked. Hold ~ and zoom in. You will see Bard Dourif having a headache.

  • Unlock Character gallery

    Go to the Tamahara Age and go to Atrus' desk. Press and hold ~ and pick the picture of Atrus and Catherine.

  • Pez dispenser

    In Saavedro's home approach the hammock. Zoom in, then press and hold ~ and move the pointer until it turns into a ZOOM icon. Now, release ~ and the ZOOM icon will disappear. Press and hold ~ again to zoom in to a view of a Pez dispenser.

  • Watch picture

    After Saavedro does his "Atrus is that you? Not yet old friend" speech, zoom out from the window. Hold ~ and zoom in. You may need to do this a few times for it to work. You will see Brad Dourif checking his watch.

  • Moth

    Go to Edanna, the Age with all the plants. Go to the part near the bottom just before the two big blue onion-looking flowers. Go to the part with the stone steps just below the bouncing leaf elevator. Turn right and you will see a moth on the stone steps. Do not touch the moth. If you do, it will fly away. Press ~, then click on the moth. You...

  • How to get the bad endings

    Do what he says and switch the shields.Link back to Tomahna without Releeshahn.Turn off the power, then turn it back on.Talk to him but do not go anywhere.Talk to him, leave, repeat (do not do anything other than that).