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Game Description:At its peak, the Roman Empire encompassed most of Europe and North Africa. Praetorians focuses on military combat between three civilizians: Romans, Barbarians (Gauls, Germanics, Celts) and Egyptians. The only resource that is managed are troops that can be recruited and trained from captured villages. Through fighting, units also become more seasoned, gaining better armor and combat abilities. Deploying chiefs with units provides more formations and special abilities. The single-player story has three intertwined campaigns: one within the Roman Empire, one in Central and Northern Europe, and one in Egypt. Exciting missions include the siege of fortresses, which can be entered by destroying the gates or scaling the walls with ladders and assault towers.
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Praetorians Cheats

  • Troop Movements

    Be sure to memorize your troop movements. Certain parts of your infantry will take a shortcuts en route to a battle while others in your infantry will take the long way around. This will split you infantry up and will set you up for failure. For instance Pikeman and cavalry will not enter a forest and will travel around it, but in the same...

  • Maneuvering your troops

    Moving your infantry around and taking advantage of the terrain can make a big impact on the success of your battle strategy. For instance, putting your ranged infantry inside of forest cover or on ridges will help them effectively attack unsuspecting enemies.

  • Praetorians

    The title of the game is the name of the elite roman guard when Rome was constantly at war. During this period of time the Roman Legion had vastly superior weapons and armor. The Roman army won battles in North Africa, Europe, Near East, and Britanna. Finally the Roman army fell due to overstretching of the empire. This is important because...

  • Recruiting

    Honor points are necessary for recruiting in this Pyro Studios real-time strategy title. In order to get honor points you must fight battles and earn them through combat.

  • Strategy

    This real-time strategy title, developed by Pyro Studios, focus' on strategy rather than intricate base-building techniques. Focus on what villages you can capture and their perspective populations. Outside of capturing villages gamers should focus on commanding their troops wisely and protecting vital plots of land.