MageLords - PC

Game Description:As a MageLord, the player must strategically construct their empire, gather spells of awesome power and command armies of heroes, monsters and troops. The ultimate goal is to defeat rival MageLords and bring an end to the prophesized threat of Armageddon Combat is the heart and soul of MageLords. Players use their armies to engage in hand-to-hand combat against the armies of powerful, rival MageLords. By executing appropriate tactics with their army and supporting troops with powerful spells, the players will lead their forces into combat and claim whatever spoils victory yields. - The player can choose to be one of the pre-generated MageLords or create a unique MageLord selecting from race, special abilities and skills in the different spheres of magic. Each race will have its own troops to build armies from, as well as inherent advantages and disadvantages.
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