Pantheon - PC

Game Description:Take a bunch of RTS and city-building goodness and wrap it up in a unique Trojan War setting. And not just a dry, historical Trojan War, but the full mythical deal, replete with crafty Aphrodite, cryptic Artemis and the whole bickering Greek pantheon. The game would allow players to take the role of one of the twelve Olympian gods and actively participate in the struggle. Choose whether to assist the Greeks or Trojans, enlist some poetry-worthy heroes, and manage godly resources such as worship and sweet ambrosia. Developed by San Francisco-based studio Frog City, Pantheon's promise was in its refreshing setting and original take on RTS conventions. Sadly, Pantheon never saw a world outside Frog City's offices. The title, which had been picked up by The Learning Company (Broderbund), had been dropped when Broderbund was bought (and then sold) by Mattel a few years back.
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