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MechCommander 2
Game Description: Take control of an entire company of the most fearsome military machines in history: BattleMechs! As a MechCommander, you command a unit of mercenary MechWarriors in a real-time strategy game of power, combat, and treachery set in the BattleTech Universe. Order your 'Mechs to divide and conquer the enemy as you become deeply involved in a bitter struggle for power among three warring noble houses.
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MechCommander 2 Cheats

  • Repairs

    When repairing damaged Mechs and vehicles, keep in mind that there is a limited amount of repair resources. When you repair, make sure you make them responsibly. Do not repair all your slightly damaged Mechs, use up all the repair resources, then try and repair your heavily damaged Mech. This applies for all repair systems: the Repair Truck and...

  • Salvage

    If you have the resources, salvage in the field is cheaper then salvaging the Mechs after the mission is over. Any Mech you salvage in the mission with the salvage craft, you keep with the rest of your Mechs in recovery. It only costs 10,000 resource points in the mission to salvage a Mech, while after the mission in the salvage screen it can...

  • Gas and fuel tanks

    Gas and fuel tank explosions are one of the most dangerous accidents in the game, but also the deadliest weapons. It is a good idea to lure enemy Mechs into range of fuel tanks and blow up the tanks, thus taking the enemy out. However, the enemy will also do the same thing to you.