NASCAR Heat Cheats - PC

Game Description:It's all new pedal to the metal, door-to-door racing action with 30 of the best drivers in NASCAR. Choose your favorite driver and race against a full field of cars at one or all the NASCAR tracks in a single race or a Championship Season. In the Beat the Heat Challenges, players take on a number of exciting challenges designed around scenarios that actually occur in NASCAR racing. These challenges capture all the thrills, drama and split-second decisions of race day moments such as whether or not to pit for new tires to win a race or when to pass traffic at a particular track. In Race the Pro, players test themselves against the best by racing against "phantom" cars driven by real NASCAR Winston Cup Drivers. Best of all NASCAR Heat adjusts to individual skill levels making every race fun, competitive action for the whole family. If you can't take the Heat...get off the track!
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NASCAR Heat Cheats

  • Vortex damage

    Using your text editor to edit the "options.txt" file in the game folder. Change the "vortex damage no" entry to "vortex damage yes". REMEMBER: Tracks will take longer to load when this option is enabled.