Rifts: Promise of Power - NG

Rifts: Promise of Power
Game Description:Genre-defying RPG based on the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game from Palladium Publishing. Rifts of energy are pulling creatures into a post-apocalyptic world and because they pull from everywhere, the world is soon populated by wizards, robots and everything in between. The game has been adapted into an isometric tactical RPG but at the same time retains all of the rules and ideas of the original. Settings include: Germany, the Coalition States, Lazlo, Scotland, Old Bones, China and more. The original books featured 500 character classes, and from those the N-Gage edition makes available - Glitterboy, Juicer, Headhunter, Mind Melter, Ley Line walker, Burster, Cyborg, Cyber Knight, Battle Magus, Crazy and Mystic. There are over 50 enemies and NPCs, 80+ hours of gameplay and the world is actually fully 3D so that you can rotate the map at any moment for a better view of the action.
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