Legend of the River King 64: Shiokaze ni Notte - N64

Legend of the River King 64: Shiokaze ni Notte
Game Description:Follow-up to Nushi Tsuri 64, which was once slated for US release as Legend of the River King. Nushi Tsuri features the same type of mixture of "light" RPG gaming, enhanced by a healthy dose of "gotta collect 'em all" gameplay as Nintendo hit Pokemon. Aside from more than 100 different types of fish and other sea life, players try to collect as many different types of insects and flowers as possible, working towards completing an animal and plant encyclopedia of sorts. Whenever you hook a fish, the 2D overhead map view switches to vivid 3D underwater scenes, where you "battle" fish in real time and try to catch them with the help of realistic fishing equipment. For insects, you control a virtual hand or a butterfly net, as you try to catch ants, dragonflies, cockroaches, turtles, butterflies, beetles and all kinds of other creepy crawly things that you'd usually leave underneath the same rock where you found them...
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