Quake II - N64

Quake II
Game Description:N64 version of the PC shooter. While some areas may feature locations reminiscent of Quake II for PC, the Nintendo 64 version of the game is almost entirely original. Raster Productions and Rogue Entertainment (which created Ground Zero and is responsible for some of Quake II 64's single-player missions and art) created a version that caters specifically to Nintendo 64's strengths. Each single-player level has a handful of objectives that need to be completed, though admittedly, fast-paced carnage is still the game's main priority. Players may find that they have to flip a switch somewhere to unlock a door elsewhere, but Raster Productions has made a conscious effort to keep the puzzle-solving to a minimum. Levels are easier to navigate than in the PC version, as hallways were purposely designed to be wider, preventing players from accidentally getting stuck in the heat of battle.
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