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Conker's Bad Fur Day
Game Description:Humorous action-platformer that does away with the tedious item collection found in most games in the genre. Instead, BFD employs a combination of standard jump, run and explore mechanics and context-sensitive gags and actions. For instance, in the beginning of the game, by pressing the B button on the first pad he encounters, Conker drinks some Alka-Seltzer to wipe out his hangover, at which point players can proceed forward. Later on these pads are used to activate a slingshot and throwing knives; to turn Conker into an anvil and drop downward; to shoot automatic, double-handed guns; to activate a The Matrix-inspired slow-motion effect and flip through the air shooting enemies; and much, much more.
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Conker's Bad Fur Day News

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  • Conker Footage Shows Off Kid-Friendly Bad Fur Day

    How would you like to start your day with some footage from a Conker game that never was on the Nintendo 64? Before Rare delivered the dry, edgy humor of Conker's Bad Fur Day, a very different, much more family-friendly title was taking shape, called Twelve Tales: Conker 64. Very little has been seen of this earlier iteration, but now you can...

    Posted September 18, 2012

    Conker Footage Shows Off Kid-Friendly Bad Fur Day