Spooky - N64

Game Description:Cancelled Nintendo 64 game from small British studio ICE. In the role of a metamorphic hero, players were to fight and shapeshift through a dark, post-apocalyptic 3D world, filled with nasties, traps and puzzles. The game was to be set on a faraway planet, once inhabited by an advanced alien society made up of super-beings called Arch-Morphs. As are evident from Spooky's real-time rendered intro sequences, a mysterious catastrophe wiped out the whole population, sucking everything into a parallel universe. Only two aliens survived, one good, but weakened by injuries, and one bitter and insane from the terrors of the holocaust. And as Good vs. Evil stories go, the nasty villain placed the good guy in chains and set himself up as ruler over a desolate world, only populated by synthetic slaves.
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