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Game Description:In Postal, it all starts out when you come home from work to find that your house has been repossessed. You, the Postal Dude, decide that everyone is out to get you ... and so you logically go on a shooting spree (also known as going postal). Postal features 12 weapons, many interesting locations, and every type of person available for you to kill. It doesn't matter if they're unarmed or seem innocent, they are still asking for you to kill them because they are all out to get you.
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  • 'Postal' Playing Tribeca 4/1

    If it's Spring, it must be Uwe Boll time again. The Teutonic filmmaker's Postal, which has been the subject of speculation for what seems like a decade, will get a preview showing at the Tribeca Film Center on April 1st., and then another preview in Chicago at the Lake Street Screening Room on the 3rd. You can win a pair of tickets to the show...

    Posted March 26, 2008| 1 Comment

    'Postal' Playing Tribeca 4/1
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