Strawberry Shortcake And Her Berry Best Friends - Mac

Strawberry Shortcake And Her Berry Best Friends
Game Description:In the delicious and delightful world of Strawberryland lives Strawberry Shortcake - a sweet but spunky little redhead with enough optimism to fill a strawberry field! She really believes things are growing better all the time and puts her heart and soul into seeing that things improve for everyone she meets. Unfortunately Strawberry Shortcake has lost her scrapbook with all her memories and tokens of friendship. She decides to try to collect the things again and make a new scrapbook. Join Strawberry as she visits her friends and collect tokens of friendship for the new book by being a good friend and helping them out! Along with her friends Strawberry celebrates the joys of each day and encourages little girls to be little girls! In this fun adventure players get to use their imagination, creativity and hand-eye coordination skills all whilst having lots of fun and learning about the value of friendship!
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