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Game Description:Zoo Vet gives players the chance to assume the role of a veterinarian at a world-class zoo. With help from zookeepers and vet technicians, players care for 25 different animals, ranging from lions and pandas to komodo dragons and kangaroos. More than 30 realistic medical tools are available for use, including some that allow the player to perform surgery on their patients. As the game progresses, players are rewarded with job promotions, awards, and new game features. Zoo Vet offers three different levels of play, allowing animal lovers, future vets and professionals alike to experience the excitement of being a zoo vet, and learning to help and treat a variety of different animals.
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  • What's A 'Prosocial' Video Game? One Professor Explains

    I was recently reading a study about the impact video games have on children that didn't focus on violence. Rather, Iowa State University professor Douglas Gentile and other researchers were looking at how "prosocial" titles can actually encourage children to share and support others. You can read through their entire findings...

    Posted July 7, 2009

    What's A 'Prosocial' Video Game? One Professor Explains
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