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Game Description:Pac-Man on the iPhone feature three unique control schemes, virtual d-pad control, touch screen and accelerometer, enabling the ultimate gaming experience while highlighting the capabilities of the platform. The accelerometer allows players to control Pac-Man by tilting the phone in the direction that they want them to chomp the PAC-dots and ghosts or eat the bonus fruit. There are two distinct touchscreen controls for the game, one allows players to direct Pac-Man's path by simply tapping on the screen and the other introduces a virtual D-pad, simulating the game play of Pac-Man on other gaming devices.
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  • A 420 Treat: Top Five Food-Related Video Games

    In honor of 4.20, TheFeed is proud to present a list of the top five food-related games ever made in video game history. Enjoy it with some raw cookie dough and a huge glass of milk. Pac-man-- Old-school games are really heavy on creatures eating one another, a theme that isn’t explored in modern games nearly enough, and 1983’s...

    Posted April 20, 2010

    A 420 Treat: Top Five Food-Related Video Games
  • Pac-Man, Doom and Crash Bandicoot Inspire Mods For Left 4 Dead

    Man, the survivors in the Left 4 Dead series can't get a break. They escape Pennsylvania and New Orleans, but now have found themselves trapped in levels inspired by classic games, Crash Bandicoot, DOOM and Pac-Man! As a fan of the original DOOM, the recreation of its opening level is impressive and it even includes keycards you need to find to...

    Posted April 15, 2010

    Pac-Man, Doom and Crash Bandicoot Inspire Mods For Left 4 Dead
  • Nugget From The Net

    We love re-imaginings of videogames! Check out the below video of Pac-Man, from the ghosts' points-of-view. Sure, it's low budget, but it's pretty damn amusing--just like a youtube video should be.

    Posted August 25, 2008| 7 Comments

    Nugget From The Net