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  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Jun 8, 2005
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The Medal of Honor franchise is back with its fourth installment. It's Europe, 1942, and you are U.S. Army Lieutenant William Holt, the first field agent of the Office of Strategic Services - OSS. Your main goal is to work with the Allied forces to liberate Europe. Multiple objectives leading in different directions make this latest Medal of Honor title unique. Your choices will shape your experience as you navigate the open battlefield. Historically accurate and realistic, Medal of Honor: European Assault offers nine gameplay modes across 16 maps.
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Medal of Honor: European Assault Cheats

  • Cheat mode:

    Pause your game, then hold L + R and press Up, Y(2), B, Up, A. The phrase "Enter Cheat" will appear to confirm correct code entry. The following codes can now be enabled after L + R are released.

    Code: hold L + R and press Up, Y(2), B, Up, A

  • Disable shellshock:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: Z, R, X, Y(2), L

  • Full adrenaline meter:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: X, L, B, Z, L, Y

  • Hide HUD:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: A, Y, Right, A, Z, B

  • Invincibility:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: B, L, B, R, Y, L, X, Down

  • Invincibility:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: B, Y, Right, A, Z, R

  • Kill nemesis:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: L, Y, L, Z, L, Z

  • Pickup OSS document:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: Left, Y, B, A, Down, B

  • Suicide:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: L, Z, R, Up, A, Z

  • Unlimited ammunition:

    Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then press

    Code: Z, R, Up, X, B, A

  • Revives

    Finish a mission with all objectives completed to get a revive.

  • Medkits

    Finish a level to get one medkit for every person in your squad that did not get killed.

  • Mission 1 Easy completion

    In the beginning of the first level, charge up to the Nazis and shoot with your machine gun. A soldier will shoot at you; ignore him. Go to the far right and down some stairs. Walk up to your captain. If you still have ammunition, more Nazis will appear. Shoot them, then run back to your ship to complete the first level.

  • Mission objectives St. Nazaire Operation Chariot

    Primary Objective: Locate Captain Beck Secondary Objective: Fall back to HMS Cambeltown

  • Mission objectives St. Nazaire Lights Out In the Port City

    Primary objective: Destroy Power Plant Secondary objectives: Eliminate German Infantry Unit Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hull Locate and Destroy German U-Boat Eliminate Horst Benner Uncover V2 Rocket Equipment Blueprint

  • How to beat the Nemesis Bosses

    Before you get to the Bosses, fill up your adrenaline meter. This can be easily done by shooting head shots. Once your meter is full, save it until you get to the Boss. Once you see him, press Up. You will now have limited immortality and unlimited ammunition. If you have a sniper rifle, you can shoot the Boss in the head a few times. If you...

  • Mission objectives St. Nazaire Raid on St. Nazaire

    Primary Objective: Destroy Fuel Tanks Secondary Obectives: Eliminate Klaus Mueller Find V2 Rocket Fuel Specifications Locate and destroy Anti-aircraft Gun Destroy Shore Gun Capture German Bunker Return to HMS Cambeltown

  • Last mission Von Schraders journal

    On the last mission, you will have to find Von Schraders journal. It is not located in the bunker where Von schrader is found. It is located in the trenches at the bottom of the steep hill with the tank on top of it that gets blown up by the planes. It is directly below one of the gun emplacements in those trenches.

  • Escape To Dawn mission Hidden grenades

    When your on the last level of the first attacks and the Panzer comes through the wall, let it blow up the mini houses. When they are blown up, get the grenades in them. If you get enough of them, you can blow up the Panzer. Keep throwing the grenades; it takes awhile.

  • Mission objectives St. Nazaire Escape at Dawn

    Primary objective: Escape to French Countryside Secondary objectives: Destroy Machine-Gun Nest Eliminate Erich Kostor Destroy Radio Tower Obtain North African Shipping Manifest Eliminate Panzer Tank