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Game Description:Electronic Art's awesome Need For Speed returns with more insane high-octane kicks in Need For Speed: Underground. The look and ride is sleeker and faster this time around, with the major theme being night-time afterhours racing in urban cityscapes. New modes include Drag Racing and Street Racing, both pushing the speed of your tuner cars to the limit. Customize your ride as you earn cash, picking from parts manufactured by AEM Inc., Audiobahn, Holley, Injen, Enkei, StreetGlow, Turbonetics Inc. and more! Race in over 100 unique events and courses! Immerse yourself in Need For Speed's award-winning game design and graphics! Satisfy your Need For Speed!
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Need for Speed: Underground Cheats

  • Drift physics for all cars:

    enter code at the main menu.

    Code: R, Up(3), Down(3), L

  • Every circuit track:

    enter code at the main menu.

    Code: Down, R(3), X(3), Z

  • Every drag track:

    enter code at the main menu.

    Code: Right, Z, Left, R, Z, L, Y, X

  • Every drift track:

    enter code at the main menu.

    Code: Left(4), Right, X, R, Y

  • Every sprint track:

    enter code at the main menu.

    Code: Up, X(3), R, Down(3)

  • 1988 Nissan Skyline GTR34

    Select underground mode and complete at least the first 80 missions. A recommended car to use is the Acura RSX. You will then challenge Samantha. Defeat her under the medium difficulty setting and win the next drag race to unlock the 1998 Nissan Skyline GTR34.

  • Junkman's Honda Civic

    By getting 2,250,000 style points in quick race mode.

  • Kurt's Killa Ride

    Use a Stock Mazda RX-7 and keep trying until you win.

  • All parts

    To unlock all of the parts, finish Underground mode.

  • Kitty Civic

    After completing the game, get your style points up and you will win the second Kitty Civic.

  • Eddie's Nissan Skyline

    To unlock Eddie's car in the end, keep winning style points. REMEMBER: It is faster to win them in drift. When your style meter maxes out, a message stating that you have won Eddie's Nissan Skyline will appear.

  • Melissa's Nissan 350Z

    By getting 2,500,000 style points in quick race mode.

  • Easy drift points

    Simply stay behind a car and watch the points rack up.

  • Chrome rims

    Pick a rim style of your choice. Then, when you paint them, choose the color in the first row, third from the left. It should look like a chrome color.

  • Jump Farther

    When in the air use nitrous to jump farther.

  • Style points

    The best way to get style points is to use the RX-7. Pick the 2nd drift track and put it on 10 laps. I usually get up to 300,000 style points each race. I have also got 640,000 style points once using this track and car. In my opinion, the RX-7 is the best in drift and the Skyline is the worst in drift.

  • Style points

    Upon unlocking the oval drift track, go into QUICK RACE and pick that track. Now, race around it using the handbrake to powerslide into the corners. Depending on how good you are, you will unlock rewards every time you fill your meter, which does not take too long.