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Game Description:There's a whole new way to monkey around as popular puzzler Super Monkey Ball ups the ante (and antics) and makes the leap to a story-based platform adventure! Original Monkey Ballers Aiai, MeeMee, Gongon, and Baby are joined by new characters, including a Prince and Princess separated by a conflict between their kingdoms. It's up to the Super Monkey Ball gang to end the feud and defeat the Naysayers, who've taken all the fun out of Monkey Ball world. Monkey Balls have new powers, including the ability to stick to walls, hover, and turn invisible. Go beyond the Adventure with 50 new puzzle levels and six all-ages party games.
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Super Monkey Ball Adventure Cheats

  • Going to Zootopia or Moonhaven

    You will start outside barbecuing bananas, when an air glider crashes. The warning bell starts ringing. Run directly into the yellow flower in front of you to bounce up. Pass the person with the balloon and Papa (the person that talks to you immediately). He tells you to go to the king. Go straight and pass the person with the hat. You must jump...