Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats - GC

Game Description:Harvest Moon: Magical Melody has you harvesting a new type of crop: music! The Harvest Goddess has turned to stone. The Harvest Sprites want you to help cure her! Complete a variety of challenges, like winning festivals and befriending animals, to collect 100 musical notes and bring the Goddess back. There's also plenty of Harvest Moon's trademark good-hearted gameplay. Raise crops, tend to your livestock, expand your farm, and find a spouse to share your wonderful life! You can play as a boy or girl. There are ten potential soulmates for each! You can also compete against a rival farmer or try mini-games for up to four players.
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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats

  • Get Lumber

    chop down a tree with an axe then cut the branches and you get lumber strait to your bin

  • Pib comes in handy

    When you get your pib treat it well and get eight harts and leave it outside and he will find new mushrooms.

  • Horse Race

    When you unlock the horse racing mini game, practice playing it so that when race day comes you are good enough to win!