Karaoke Revolution Party Cheats - GC

  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre:Music
  • Developer: Harmonix
  • Release Date:Nov 8, 2005
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E10+ - Everyone 10+
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Karaoke Revolution Party adds even more life to the party than ever, giving you a chance to not only sing, but to dance to a collection of 50 body-movin', crowd-pleasin' party hits. Choose from tracks that range from sing-along classics like "Sweet Caroline" to recent favorites like "Crazy in Love." Grab the mic and steal the spotlight in team games, duets, head-to-head battles, and mini-games, or put your vocal skills to the test in the all-new KR Challenge. Your on-screen character is fully customizable. Pick just the right face, body, clothes, and accessories that'll propel you to party superstardom. With more multiplayer and party modes added, the fun never ends!
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Karaoke Revolution Party Cheats

  • Retro cowgirl

    25 Platinum records.

  • Swim trunks

    27 Platinum records.

  • Ballgown

    3 Platinum records.

  • Rockabilly outfit

    10 Platinum dance records.

  • Romeo outfit

    15 Platinum records.

  • Joke glasses

    23 Platinum records.

  • Junior

    10 Platinum records.

  • Tic top

    22 Platinum records.

  • FR-3Q

    20 Gold records.

  • Trophie Dancing Fool

    Get your first sing and dance platinum record.

  • Trophie Platinum debut

    Get your first platinum record.

  • Trophie The Boss of Boogie

    Complete the dance genre set.

  • Trophie Best New Duo

    Get your first duet platinum record.

  • Trophie Diamond Miner

    Get your first diamond record.

  • Trophie Feet of fury

    Get your first sing and dance platinum record under the expert difficulty.

  • Trophie 80s Maniac

    Complete the 80s Set.

  • Funk outfit

    18 Platinum records.

  • Bonus song Me and Bobby McGee

    Get 250,000 total points

  • Bonus song Takin' Care of Business

    Get 750,000 total points

  • Bonus song Brickhouse

    Get two platinum records

  • Trophie Karaoke millionaire

    Get 1,000,000 total points.

  • Open shirt

    20 Platinum records.

  • Bathrobe

    10 Gold records.

  • Bonus song Greatest Love of All

    Get five platinum records

  • Bonus song I'll Be

    Get nine platinum records

  • Devil girl outfit

    11 Platinum records.

  • Crop jacket

    2 Platinum dance records.

  • Long denim skirt

    6 Platinum records.

  • Giant glasses

    5 Diamond records.

  • Diamond bracelet

    10 Diamond records.

  • Cat suits

    4 Platinum records.

  • Goth dress

    16 Platinum records.

  • Space girl

    2 Diamond records.

  • Cheerleader

    5 Platinum dance records.

  • Enrique

    7 Platinum records.

  • Sun visor

    3 Platinum dance records.

  • Fez hat

    1500000 Total points.

  • Opera Girl Outfit

    13 Platinum records.

  • Bonus song Waiting For a Girl Like You

    Get 500,000 total points

  • Taylor

    12 Platinum records.

  • Trophie Perfect pair

    Get your first duet diamond record.