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Game Description:The Atari has enjoyed it's trip down memory lane, now it's time for The Intellivision! Old-timer gamers can now indulge in more '80s video game nostalgia with Intellivision Lives! which includes over 60 classic games! Included are old classics such as Astrosmash, Baseball, Bomb Squad, Space Battle, Space Armada, Space Hawk, Snafu, Vectron, and Hover Force. Bonus features include interviews with the original game developers, original TV commercials, and fun facts.
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  • Aliens, Puzzles Invade Xbox Live

    The Xbox Originals online games library will expand this September 15 when THQ's Destory All Humans! and Crave's Intellivision Lives! invades the Xbox Live Marketplace. Available for 1200 MS points each ($15), relive the classic moments levitating a cow in THQ's alien hit and enjoy some retro titles compiled by Crave. Destroy All Humans! was...

    Posted September 12, 2008| 3 Comments

    Aliens, Puzzles Invade Xbox Live
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