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Game Description:The Atari has enjoyed it's trip down memory lane, now it's time for The Intellivision! Old-timer gamers can now indulge in more '80s video game nostalgia with Intellivision Lives! which includes over 60 classic games! Included are old classics such as Astrosmash, Baseball, Bomb Squad, Space Battle, Space Armada, Space Hawk, Snafu, Vectron, and Hover Force. Bonus features include interviews with the original game developers, original TV commercials, and fun facts.
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Intellivision Lives! Cheats

  • Combat and sorcery game commercials

    Get 2,000 points or more in Sub Hunt.

  • Deep Pockets Pool and Billiards

    Beat the dealer in Las Vegas Poker And Blackjack to unlock the Pool And Billiards game.

  • Sports game commercials

    Finish five laps in five minutes or less in Auto Racing.

  • Hard Hat

    Get 300 points or more in Frog Bog to unlock the Hard Hat game.

  • Brickout

    Get 15,000 points or more in Night Stalker to unlock the Brickout game.

  • Space game commercials

    Get 20,000 points or more in Astrosmash.