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Game Description:The Evil Boss Cass is back with a vengeance, and this time he has busted out of prison to take over the world with an army of Uber Reptiles! Once again, it is up to everyone's favorite Tasmanian Tiger to stop him, but now he has the help of the Burramudgee Bush Rescue Organization. Armed with 21 varieties of upgradeable boomerangs and a handful of Bunyip Mech Units with special powers, Ty must reclaim the Outback in 50+ missions that span the Australian continent. Unlockable kart-racing mini-games pit you against your friends in seven unique racing environments. Explore the wide-open Outback on foot or in one of the game's many vehicles, including helicopters, subs, off-road trucks, and more.
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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Cheats

  • 100,000 Opals:

    While playing the game, enter the code. If you constantly use the 100,000 opals cheat, and you get more than 10,000,000, the game will freeze when you press start.

    Code: Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, X, A, X, A

  • All Bunyip Licenses:

    While playing the game, enter the code.

    Code: Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, B, X, B, A

  • All Level 1 Rangs (Burrumudgee Rangs):

    While playing the game, enter the code.

    Code: Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, X, B, X, B

  • All Level 2 Rangs (Sly Rangs):

    While playing the game, enter the code.

    Code: Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, B, X, B, Y

  • Show all objects (lines form the sky):

    While playing the game, enter the code.

    Code: Start(2), Y, Start(2), Y, Up, Down, Left, Right

  • Boomerang upgrades Frostyrang


  • Boomerang upgrades Smasherang


  • Boomerang upgrades Infarang


  • Boomerang upgrades Lasharang


  • Boomerang upgrades Zapyrang


  • Boomerang upgrades Boomerang


  • Boomerang upgrades Megarang


  • Boomerang upgrades Flamerang


  • Battling Fluffy

    When you are in battle with fluffy in the patchy robot, to avoid it's tail that's slamming into the ground, jump each time the wave comes toward you. Hint: you need to jump at the right time.

  • Getting easy Opals

    If you explore, and look in least expected places, you can find easy 100, or 200 opal bags. ( In the thermo extreme bunyip, you can find many high opal bags, and if you are lucky, even 500 opal bags!

  • Getting easy Opals

    Repeatedly hit an enemy with the Lasharang to get more opals than just hitting them once.

  • Getting easy Opals

    When you start the game, dive in to the lake on the right. Go underwater and you will find an easy 200 Opals.

  • How to beat the Armatron Metal Boss

    In the final battle with the Armatron Metal Boss, hit his hands when he slams them down. Then, punch Boss Cass in the small green helo.

  • Finding Sly's shop

    Use the following trick to find Sly's shop with Upgraderangs. Get in your truck and go southeast to reach a field. You will see a circle, which indicates a shop is there. You will also see a big tree. If you succeed in climbing it, you will see a house with a green light at the door. REMEMBER: On the other side and roof there are surprises.

  • Exploding rangs

    When you are driving one the road, (with sheila) don't throw your exploding rangs and at an object too close the the car, or you will lose life from the explosion.

  • Invisible objects

    Using the infarang on Ty's view, look for floating steps, and when you see them, hit them with you're infarang, and the steps will appear without using Ty's view. You can also use it to find invisible boxes.

  • How to regain health

    Find some water to swim in. Go under water then come back for air. You will have full health.

  • Distract Uber Frills

    If you are being chased by uber frills, and you are about to be killed, switch to the lasharang, and hit them a few times, and send them spinning! It's great for distracting enemies such as uber frills. (This does not kill the uber frills)