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Game Description: Spyro returns in A Hero's Tale, just in time to save the day. The Dragon Realms have been inundated with life-sapping dark gems and it's up to Spyro to destroy all of them. If he doesn't succeed, an evil dragon will take over and control the world! Features tons of new dragon powers, gadgets, and environments and five different characters to play including Hunter, Sgt. Bird, Sparx, and Blink.
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Spyro: A Hero's Tail Cheats

  • Secrets Character viewer

    Collect at least 11 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Concept art

    Collect 1 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Spyro Turret mini-games

    Collect at least 51 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Ember model

    Collect at least 21 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Sgt. Byrd mini-games

    Collect at least 41 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Blink mini-games

    Collect at least 71 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Flame model

    Collect at least 31 dragon eggs

  • Secrets Sparx Shooter mini-games

    Collect at least 61 dragon eggs

  • Alternate ending

    Complete the game with all 40 Dark Gems, 100 Light Gems, and 80 Dragon Eggs.

  • How to beat Red (Robot version)

    Dodge all of his attacks, including his mines, laser eyes, and jet flames. Eventually he will turn to normal and stand still. Then, some rockets will appear. Light them with your flame breath. It will hurt Red. The whole thing starts over again. Use the same tactics. After that, dodge his attacks again and some gadgets will appear. Light them...

  • Dragonfly falls glitch

    This glitch only works in Dragonfly Falls. The area with the big statue of the elder. In the big pool of water that has the waterfall falling on it (this pool is to the right of the elder statue) where once there was a Dark Gem, there are 2 ledges that were submerged underwater when the Dark Gem was destroyed and the water level rose. Go to the...