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Game Description:The Pokemon TV Channel is in jeopardy. Pieces of PTV's most popular show are missing and now it is up to you to collect the missing clips. You will explore beaches, mountains and woods and make friends with a wild Pikachu. During the game you will enjoy DVD-quality animation from the various Pokemon Channel programs, including a quiz show, shopping channel and news channel. Players can also choose scenes from the TV programs, color them with a paint tool and save them to Smeargle's art gallery. Players will also collect 3D Pokemon "NiceCard" lenticulars and play Pokemon Mini. Pokemon Channel is an innovative game that will dazzle Pokemon fans.
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Pokemon Channel Cheats

  • Rewind and fast forward Pichu Bros. Scenes:

    Push L (rewind) or R (fast forward) during a a Pichu Bros. scene that you have not seen before.

    Code: L, R

  • Skip show segments:

    Push L, R while watching the television to cycle through the channels and advance to the next segment on the first channel you watched.

    Code: L, R

  • Speed up the game:

    To speed up the game (speed the delivery time of the packages up, change the time of day so that you can access cards that are only accessable during a certen time of the day, ect) by changing the time on the game cube's internal clock to any desired time! (to access this, if you don't know already, hold the A button down when starting up the...

    Code: Hold A

  • Superior binder

    Collect 25 different Nice Cards to receive the Prime Binder.

  • Complete Pichu Bros. movies

    Look in the crates after Day 6 to find the complete English and Japanese Pichu Bros. movies.

  • Movie projector

    Get all five episodes of Pichu Bros. Party Panic.

  • Pichu Bros. Episode 2

    Play Pokemon Channel on Day 2 to get Pichu Bros. Episode 2.

  • Pichu Bros. Episode 4

    Play Pokemon Channel on Day 4 to get Pichu Bros. Episode 4.

  • Prime binder

    Collect 50 different Nice Cards to receive the Prime Binder.

  • All Pikachu Nice cards

    By collecting 101 different Nice Cards you will unlock all three versions of the nine Pikachu Nice Cards.

  • Faster packages

    Instead of waiting for packages to arrive or for the next day, change the internal clock on your Gamecube to the time that you want in the game.

  • Pichu Bros. Episode 3

    Play Pokemon Channel on Day 3 to get Pichu Bros. Episode 3.

  • Pichu Bros. Episode 5

    Look in the Ruins Of Truth to find Pichu Bros. Episode 5.

  • Hosted by Kasumi disc

    Find Togepi on Day 6 to get the Hosted by Kasumi Disc. After getting the Hosted By Kasumi Disc, look for Celebi. Answer his question correctly and receive his Nice Card. Then, watch the Hosted By Kasumi Disc (if not already done), then save it. Professor Oak will then say your schedule for new programs tomorrow.

  • How to find pichu bros 5

    Go to the place that you can walk to from your house and say hi to duskull find the ball he wants (down a hole) and he will give you a lamp. Then go to mt snowfall and then there will be a sign which says something like to the top of mount snow fall (don't remember so can't say properly) there should be a gangar standing in the way of the temple...