Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Cheats - GC

Game Description:Sonic Team and award-winning game designer Yuji Naka bring you the heartwarming tale of a boy and hi...egg? Yep, you heard right. Dressed in a magical chicken suit, you must use egg-power to stop the evil Crow King from keeping the kingdom in darkness. Collect magical eggs along your quest, using them to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and maneuver through environments. Feed and hatch your eggs to reveal a variety of magical creatures that will aid you in your quest. Battle with friends in egg-citing four-player split-screen action with three types of games. Download bonus mini-games from your GBA!
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Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Cheats

  • Bonus emblems

    Finish one of the following tasks to unlock an emblem: complete all missions with an "S" rank; collect all coins; complete all missions; unlock the entire Egg Gallery.

  • Game Boy Advance eggs

    Locate and hatch the bonus eggs below in that particular location to unlock a downloadable Game Boy Advance mini-game. Chu Chu Rocket: Pirates island 2 Nights: Circus Park 2 Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Easy: Dino Mountain 2 Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Hard: Sand Ruin 2 Puyo Pop: Blizzard Castle 3

  • Getting easy rolls

    Don't try to beat the egg you roll down the point you have to catch it before it roll off a cliff, roll with the egg by jumping then push R while rolling on the tracks.

  • Unlock Bantam Scrambled

    Finish the Save Bantam mission (Blizzard Castle mission 4).

  • Sonic egg

    Collect all five coins in each world to have access to one Sonic egg in every world.

  • Unlock Rolly Roll

    Finish the Save Rolly mission (Pirate Island mission 4).

  • Unlock Chick Poacher

    Finish the Save Chick mission (Dino Mountain mission 4).