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Game Description:Lace up your cleats and get ready to take the pitch in one of the most authentic, complete soccer titles ever! 16 Leagues, over 350 teams and 10,000 players await you from Europe's super-leagues to the America's Club Championship. All-new fine-tuned gameplay elements include Off-the-ball Controls, advanced player responsiveness, more realistic passing and dribbling, and deeper team AI and tactics. A brand new Career Mode lets you carefully calculate all front office decisions and manage your club from the lower divisions up through a Championship run. A hot new soundtrack features 40 hits by Radiohead, Paul Van Dyk, Underworld and other greats. Officially licensed stadiums, 300 new crowd chants and solid 60fps gameplay complete this season's FIFA release.
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FIFA Soccer 2004 Cheats

  • Ball catch effect:

    When shooting, enter code

    Code: Right Analog-stick

  • Most teams' third kits

    Reach level 5 in your EA Bio.

  • French Ligue teams' third kits

    Reach level 10 in your EA Bio.

  • Italian Division 1 teams' third kits

    Reach level 20 in your EA Bio.

  • Spanish Premeira Liga teams' third kits

    Reach level 30 in your EA Bio.

  • English Premiership and German Bundesliga teams' third kits

    Reach level 40 in your EA Bio.

  • Getting good players

    Go to the options menu then to "Player Swaps". Swap all the good players desired onto the team you want to play as, then save that as a squad. Call it whatever desired. Then go to "New Season" and select "Current Squads" and play your team. This is useful for a third division team. This team now has all the good players.

  • Hint Free kicks

    When play as Real Madrid or Brazil, always select Ronaldo to take free kicks.