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Game Description:Get ready for the return of Mega Man! Nintendo and Capcom team up again to bring Mega Man to the GameCube for the first time. In next-gen fashion, this is also Mega Man's first fully 3-D role-playing action adventure. Joined by his friend Lan, Mega Man will need your nimble fingers and quick reflexes to help take out a dangerous new cyber virus named "Zero." Moving through cyberspace, collecting battle chips, solving puzzles and fighting wild new enemies, you'll unlock the mystery behind this new evil. Move over Tron! Mega Man is here!
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Mega Man Network Transmission Cheats

  • Combos Dream sword 2

    FireSwrd + AquaSwrd + ElecSwrd

  • Combos Giga burst

    Spreader + Bubbler + HeatShot

  • Combos Double hero

    CustSwrd + VarSwrd + ProtoMan

  • Combos Zeta cannon

    Cannon + HiCannon + M-Cannon

  • Combos Dream sword 3

    FireBlde + AquaBlde + ElecBlde

  • Combos Zero counter

    HiGuard + ZetSaber + Zero

  • Combos Guts shoot

    MetGuard + DashAtk + GutsMan

  • Combos Zeta ratton

    Ratton1 + Ratton2 + Ratton3

  • Combos Greatest bomb

    LilBomb + CrosBomb + BigBomb

  • Combos Star shower

    SoniSlsh + GravHold + StarArro

  • Combos Stream arrow

    DoubNdl + TripNdl + QuadNdl

  • Combos Big heart

    Repair + Recov300 + Roll

  • Combos Dream sword 1

    Sword + WideSwrd + LongSwrd

  • Combos Machine punch

    GutPunch + ColdPnch + DashAtk

  • Getting Navi Chips

    If you go into your Net Battle Simulator, do not battle using any Navi. Instead, use your regular Battle Chips, Restore Chips. and Mega Buster to win. This works best when your Attack and Charge are all powered up fully.

  • How to fight Bass

    First you need five Invisibility Level 3 then you need to get to the Battle Simulator at the park and get all the opponents' Navi chips, including Proto Man. Upon completing these tasks you will get an email from Mayl.