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  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fighting
  • Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
  • Release Date:Oct 7, 2003
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:When your girlfriend is zapped onto a movie screen filled with danger, you must follow her into a cartoon world and become the superhero Viewtiful Joe! Using visual effects a la Hollywood action movies, and the superhuman abilities of a comical comic book superhero, you will engage in an exciting quasi 2D/3D adventure. Use "Slow Power" to slow down the action and deliver stunning attacks in a slow motion Kung Fu movie style. Or use "Mach Speed" to smash criminals in a hail of speed demon fury! Designed with impeccable style and cel-shaded graphics, Viewtiful Joe is a truly unique video game experience. Kick some butt! Have some laughs! And save the day!
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Viewtiful Joe Cheats

  • Bus jump:

    In the Episode 2, you will have to jump on a speeding bus then jump on a ramp and over a big gap. Before you go off the ramp, enter the code for slow motion. The bus will gain more speed and will get over the gap.

    Code: Hold L1

  • Put out fire:

    When you are on fire (not the Mach Speed fire), enter the code and it will go out quickly.

    Code: Hold R1

  • Run faster in slow motion:

    While in slow motion, enter the code (Mach Speed) and you will be able to move faster.

    Code: Hold R1

  • Skip intermission sequences:

    Enter the code, to advance past an intermission sequence.

    Code: Z

  • Smash caution things easily:

    Enter the code, and it should smash it the caution things that give out electricity.

    Code: Circle (3)

  • Ultra V Rated mode

    Finish the game in V Rated mode.

  • P.N. 03 trailer

    Go to the options and enter the V-Gallery to find a trailer for P.N. 03.

  • Viewtiful World FMV sequence

    Finish the game in Kids or Adult mode.

  • V Rated mode

    Finish the game in Adult mode.

  • Extra L.I.V.E.

    By collecting 50 film canisters to increase your VFX meter by one cell.

  • Unlock Sylvia

    Finish the game in Adult mode.

  • Unlock Alastor

    Finish the game in V Rated mode.

  • Unlock Captain Blue

    Finish the game in Ultra V Rated mode.

  • Super mode

    Finish the game with a "Rainbow V" rank in all Episodes ("V" rank for V points, Defense and Time on all tasks). Select the "New Game" game option, choose the character used to complete the game, then press Z. In Super mode, your character will have unlimited VFX.

  • Another Silvia

    When you play as Silvia, all of the FMV sequences that had Joe and Silvia will not have Silvia, but instead have a person that looks exactly like Silvia without glasses.

  • Destroying helicopters, jets, and tanks

    Wait until they spawn enemies, then dodge an enemy attack marked by skulls. When they are stunned, go into Slow-Motion and hit them with a kick or punch so that they fly into the vehicle. This takes a lot of their health away. Then, while staying in Slow Motion, do this to all the other enemies with targets. If done correctly, you can destroy...

  • Slow falls

    When you jump off of something and begin to fall, start punching and kicking. This will slow down your fall.

  • Ukemi

    Attacks that knock you off your feet do the most damage, generally, and the Ukemi move heals your pain. As you fall backward, zoom in before you hit the ground. Your damage will decrease and you will come up ready to fight.

  • Comments

    When you die, you will hear a voice that says "Cut! Cut! Cut!".

  • Dragon fire kick

    To get this you need Red Hot Kick , Slow , and Zoom in. Once you have all of this , jump , slow , red hot kick , then zoom. Hold that and a fire dragon SHOULD appear.

  • Quick viewtifuls

    Use your Mach Speed and punch anything. You will get Viewtifuls that you can use in the store.

  • VFX power effects on items

    Sometimes, your Mach Speed, Slow Motion, or Zoom In power will have effects on items. If you are in Viewtiful mode and your Beam Watch is glowing a rainbow color, it indicates one of you VFX powers will have a effect on an item.

  • Viewtiful forever

    While dodging an attack in Slow Motion, zoom in. You will strike a pose, radiate energy, and do damage to everyone around you. It burns up a lot of JFX.

  • Beat the Boss with guns

    When you smash all of the axes, you will enter a door. Go through it and you will battle a Boss with guns. When he fires a shot, switch to slow motion and punch his bullets. Then, slow motion again and keep punching him.

  • How to beat Boss with guns

    While you smash all of the axes, you will enter a door. Go through it and you will battle a Boss with guns. When he fires a shot, switch to slow motion and punch his bullets. Then, slow motion again and keep punching him.

  • Joe's name

    At the end of Episode 5 when you have to fight the boss (Alastor), Joe still does not know what he should call himself. Also, Alastor does not know Joe's name yet. However, in the FMV sequence before the fight, Alastor will read the script that tells about their plan, and the cover page is marked "Viewtiful Joe".

  • Air Joe

    A leaping punch-and-kick combination, the Air Joe is both handy and stylish. Sometimes a plain old punch or kick in the air keeps you up there for too long. The combo makes you an airborne threat instead.

  • How to beat King Charles the 3rd

    After you land an attack on him, he will turn into many bats. Jump up and hit as many of the bats as you can. Each bat you hit will take some of his life away.

  • How to beat the Boss with the ship steering wheel

    You will fact this opponent in Episode 4. You directly up to him. When he raises his arms and jumps, use your Mach Speed. You will face the steering wheel. Quickly use Slow Motion or Mach Speed to hurt him.

  • Put out fire

    When you are on fire (not the Mach Speed fire), hold Mach Speed and it will go out quickly.

  • Slots

    Once you defeat Two-Armed-Bandit, you get to play slots. Put on Slow Motion and punch the slots to stop each wheel. If you stop it on Vs, you might get a Key. If you stop it on Cheeseburgers, you will get a free life. If you stop it on V-Coins, you will get the V-Coins. If you stop it on the Sun, you will get electrocuted.

  • Topless bar signs

    In Episode 2, you will see some billboards for topless bars. They have topless girls on the with black stars over the middle of their chest.

  • VFX turbo charger

    Arguably the best skill your money can buy, the Turbo Charger doubles the rate at which your VFX Meter refills, keeping you in the action longer. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

  • Red hot kick

    The downward diagonal kick is both a great leaping attack and a handy way to collect objects in the air. Use it repeatedly on dazed enemies to keep them flying around at ground level, damaging each other.

  • Very fast attacks

    To do a very fast attack, go into Zoom mode and hold [R1] (Mach Speed). Then, hold [Kick] and you will keep spinning, doing damage to everything that approaches. When you hold [Punch], you will start punching very fast and start moving forward.

  • Beat Rhino Davidson

    Start by Mach Speeding him and he will defend with his axe. Two things may happen. He will either attack you or the axe will slip out of his hands, leaving him open for attack. If he charges at you, jump out of the way and run into the fire he left by for extra fire damage when you punch him. He should be dizzy from smacking his head on the...

  • Cause more damage

    When you are fighting normal enemies, use your slow motion power and zoom in power at the same time. This will make your punches and kicks more powerful.

  • Fuzzy screen

    When you use up all of your VFX power, you will turn back into regular Joe. When you are regular Joe, the screen will be slightly fuzzy, like a old movie.

  • Send missiles back at enemies

    Sometimes, enemies will fire missiles at you. Go into Slow Motion and punch or kick the missiles. They will flash red, then go after the enemies.

  • Sliding

    A sliding kick that carries you across the screen, the sliding attack is a great way to link combos. You can attack from a distance and then be in position to smack foes again when they return to earth.