Road Trip: The Arcade Edition - GC

Road Trip: The Arcade Edition
Game Description:Known as Choro Q! in Japan, this mini-racer features four-player split-screen racing/battling, as well as a special GBA-to-GameCube link feature. New to this latest edition are two moves that will prove very useful in a race: one's a jump move that'll let you deal with what's up ahead by going over it, and the other is a spin move that'll knock out your opponents. In addition to standard racing stages and the tournament mode (where you race for prize cash to customize your car), there are also mini-games such as chicken and a jumping contests. The courses include everything from a children's playroom to outdoor parks to a futuristic city. There's also interactivity in some of the track design -- gigantic (or regular-sized, which is a problem when you're mini) snowballs roll down at you on the snowy mountain tracks.
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