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Game Description:Everybody's favorite kindly ghost Casper comes to next-generation gaming in Casper: Spirit Dimensions, a kid-friendly blend of action, adventure and chills. In a standard 3-D platform environment, you will move Casper from a third-person perspective, flying and exploring four imaginative worlds, including Spirit Amusement Park, Kibosh's Factory, Medieval World, and Spirit World. With 360-degree flight movement, there will be no area Casper cannot explore. You will fight evil ghosts from the past, present and future, all controlled by your old enemy, Kibosh. You will use spirit, ice and fire blasts, as well as special power-ups, to combat your opponents.
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Casper: Spirit Dimensions Cheats

  • Secret room

    Move in front of the bookcase inside Casper's house. Shoot the bookcase with normal, fire, fire, ice, normal, fire, and super spirit blasts (in order). The will open to a secret room containing Lucky the Chicken.