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Game Description:Harvest Moon comes to the GameCube with A Wonderful Life! Live through three decades of wonder in a new Harvest Moon world, building your farm, raising kids, and tending your animals. Grow vegetables and plant seeds. Engage with 40 new characters. Live through 6 chapters of your life with a new event system. Use a new Marriage System to meet your perfect match. Explore beautifully detailed and rendered environments.
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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats

  • Calling horse:

    enter code to call your horse from anywhere outside to you.

    Code: R(2)

  • Different whistle tones:

    There are two types of whistle tones. On is a flat tone and the other is two tone. If you press R once you get a single tone. Press R(2) to get a two toned whistle.

    Code: R or R(2)

  • Tartan

    Walk into Takakura's house 5:00 to 10:00. You must be friends with him and he must be in there. Tartan is a talking plant.

  • Tombstone washer mini-game

    In Chapter 2, go to Nina's grave at 6:30 a.m. and talk to Garen. You can play the tombstone washer mini game.

  • Get a lizard

    To get a lizard you must befriend Mukumuku. To do this, give the giant white monster a fish and watch as he jumps up and down.

  • Teddy bear

    In chapter 3 sometime in summer, go to van and he will have a bear for sale and you can have it put in your room.

  • Chinese checkers mini-game

    If you enter Kassey's house when one of them is there you can sometimes play a mini game that is similar to Chinese checkers.

  • Get a goat

    Starting in the second year, you can buy a goat from Van. It will give milk once per day for a full season, then it will stop. You can sell the goat milk for 115 G or make goat cheese and butter. The goat cheese and butter sell for 155 G and 150 G. However, you cannot sell the goat.

  • Where to fish Smelt

    At the spring by the sprite\'s tree or down stream.

  • Where to fish Colombo

    Either the spring or the pond down by the fake turtle, or down stream.

  • Wake animals

    To wake up your animals whenever you want, just push them from their head until they turn around. The animal should awaken after it turns.

  • Where to fish Huchep

    Directly across from the dig site, in the stream.

  • Where to fish Nyamame

    Up by the waterfall.

  • Get a little doggie

    You have to befriend Carter, the man who works at the dig site. He likes food. Sometimes if you go up there, you will see a yellow thing. Go up to it and zoom in with Z . He will give it to you, but you must give him food almost everyday.

  • How to get ducks

    Go to Takakura and purchase a pond for 2,500 G during the first year. Then, wait until you get married. Make sure you have room in your chicken coop. Use your sickle and make a two square long path going in a plus side pattern from the fence to the pond. Make sure it remains cut. Eventually your wife will wake you up, telling you that there are...

  • Horse race

    Save your game, then go to the horse race. Do not bet yet. Make a note of the winners then reset the game. Load the saved game, then bet 99 on the winners. You can get a lot of medals. Also, if you are competing, bet on yourself if you take extremely good care of your horse. If you win, you will get a lot of medals.

  • Milk drinking contest

    When you go into the Inner Inn and Rock and Tim are in the main room, go over to Rock. He will ask to have a milk drinking contest. Try going there on Spring the 9th at about 2:30.

  • Spices

    Become friends with ruby and she will give you her spice, then go into the kitchen and select salad recipe then select one spice and press start to cook. Now you will get another spice and put it into your bag now you will have 2 spices. Repeat this till you have 99 spices and then sell to van.

  • Get a cat

    Befriend Romona. Somewhere in Chapter 2 and up, Romona will come to your house and let you name and have it.

  • Get an alarm clock

    If you go Grant/Samanthas house you might find Grant standing by the couch. He will give you an alarm clock, but you have to either be on any chapter besides the begining.

  • Inner Inn Nami's door

    As You notice at the Inner Inn Nami's Door is locked.The reason that is is if have to get there realy early to read her diary(It might say girls only).

  • Marrying Nami

    Nami loves cooked meals and also cool stuff from the construction site. even though shes hard to marry she's the best wife.

  • More milk from cows

    Leave your cows out side a lot and always feed them to get more milk when you milk them.

  • More milk from cows

    The happier your animals are the better quality products they make. Cows make best milk right after birth and stop making milk 40 days after birth. To get Grade S milk (best grade, besides Mother's Milk) feed your cow Good Fodder, order from Takakura. Your sheep will give you Golden Wool if you wash it, brush it, and give it lots of love often....

  • Checking friends

    You can tell if you are friends with a person when they look at you as you or they walk by.

  • How to get a dog

    When the dogs are stray you can't pick it up. It only runs away from you, but if you put dog food in the food bowl, dogs will start coming to your farm more and more, sometime the dog will let you pick it up and it will be yours! note the stray dog with the blue bandana tied around his or hers neck will come close to you if you press 2 on...

  • Fishing tips

    DO NOT press "A" as soon as you feel the big bite. wait about a quarter of a second before holding "A".

  • Sheep type-o

    Go to the place where you can order items and animals then click on animals, if you click on a sheep it say "Mae" (male).

  • Easy money

    Buy a Seed Mixer and put in any of the fruit from tree crops. Sell the seeds instead of the fruit to make lots more money. For example, grapes sell for about 35 G each but the seeds are worth 450 G each.

  • Easy money

    Go to the mine every day and collect things and sell them to Van.

  • Getting a wife

    Getting a wife is easy all you have to do is give them flowers. Nami: Fall flowers Muffy: Any cealia: Any

  • Easy way to get muffy

    Give her a flower every day, then milk also try to give her A milk. After that keep on talking to her until she says "why are you here" than you answer back to see you. she'll say that she's embarrass than keep on talking until she says "why did you want to see me" you answer back "just to see you".

  • Muffy

    Marry muffy she is a great wife. Remember she likes shiny things.

  • Extra money for Van

    Getting extra money when selling your items to Van is simple. When he asks you if your sure that you want to sell say "no". He will offer you more money, every bit counts. This only works with homemade products like milk, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Freeze your chicken

    Pick up your chicken, nuzzel with "Y", look at the right half of the water "dish" while still holding your chicken, go to the shadow of the incubator facing the screen, look there STILL HOLDING THE CHICKEN, look in the shadow again, put chicken down. it will be frozen in place. you can pick it up, but it will not move.

  • Get ducks

    Go to Takakura and you buy a pond for 2,500 G some time during the Summer in Chapter 2. Then, wake up later than your wife in the morning. 1. First Order a pond. 2. During Summer of Chapter 2, wake up at a later time than your wife.

  • Quick rest

    Select the "Diary" option and choose to go to sleep. Save the game when asked, then reset the Gamecube. Load that saved game file to resume just before the time you went to sleep, but fully rested.

  • To a horse

    We all know you get a horse in the fall right? WRONG!!! you have to be friends with tukara.

  • Wake up times

    Wally's family: 6:00 a.m. Grant's family: 6:00 a.m. Blue Bar: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Takakura: 5:00 a.m. Celia (if wife): 6:00 a.m. Son: 6:00 a.m. Pyrotecnitions: 7:00 a.m. Gustafa: 9:00 a.m.

  • How to train and call your horse......

    Press the "R" on the remote controller twice to call your horse. Always brush your horse. Feed your horse once a day. Ride it but make sure you don't wake it up to ride it. Don't forget to talk to the horse every day. WEll that's it so if you have a question please don't hesitate to e-mail me it is crellin@reach.net enjoy this cheat

  • Cut Scenes With Celia ( Before Marriage)

    These are basically all the scenes with Celia. (One Heart)- Enter Vesta's house. Leave when Celia goes outside. This will trigger a scene when she asks about your farm. (Two Hearts)- Leave your house around noon. This will trigger a scene where you are at the spring with Celia. (Three Hearts)- Enter Vesta's house when Celia is inside and Vesta...

  • Assortments of 'Treats' and 'Tricks!'

    To get Ruby Spice, befriend Ruby who works at the Inn. She likes flowers, such as Mist Moons. To get a second little dog, befriend Carter who works at the digsite. He likes food. After giving him food daily, visit the digsite and press the Z button. Zoom in on the dog by the tent, and Carter will give it to you! For a cat, befriend Romana...

  • Turtle

    Go to turtle swamp in the town and search at 1:00 AM untill you see a giant yellowish turtle with a red handkerchief around its neck. Its eyes widen if you move in front of it.