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Game Description:The last remaining Tasmanian Tiger has just discovered that his brethren are alive! They're trapped in the Dreamtime, and it's up to Ty to free them. Find five talismans in the Australian Outback to open a portal between the worlds. This light-hearted platform game gives you boomerangs, firerangs, and even frostyrangs to use in your quest. Explore the majesty of Australia, visiting such locales as the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.
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Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Cheats

  • Aquarang, Elemental Boomerangs, Dive and Swim abilities:

    While playing the game, enter the code.

    Code: L, R, L, R, Y(2), B(2), Y, B

  • Show objects:

    While playing the game, enter the code. The locations of hidden Opals, Bilbies, Golden Cogs, Rainbow Scales, and Thunder Eggs will be shown with colored lines from the sky (Opals and Rainbow Scales with a green line, Golden Cogs with a gold line, Thunder Eggs with a purple line, and Bilbies with a whitish line).

    Code: L, R, L, R, Y(2), X, B(2), X, Z(2)

  • Technorangs:

    While playing the game, enter the code.

    Code: L, R, L, R, Y(3), B, Y, B

  • Unlimited health:

    While playing the game, rapidly enter the code.

    Code: L, R, L, R, Y(4), X(2)

  • Unlock gallery pictures and FMV sequences:

    While playing the game, rapidly enter the code.

    Code: L, R, L, R, Y(2), A(2), Z, B, Z, B

  • Infrarang

    By collecting 30 Golden Cogs you will unlock the Infrarang.

  • Multirang

    By collecting 20 Golden Cogs you will unlock the Multirang.

  • Getting Past Cricky

    To get past Cricky from Cricky's Cove, you must swim under water, hit the air tanks at the bottom and let one float to the top. Then, with your flamarangs, hit the tank as Cricky comes to bite it, and it will explode, and Cricky will loose life. HINT: It's easier with the ultimate life cheat.

  • Super power charged bite

    To get a super powered charge bite, you need 100 opals, or find a charge bite power-up, but not only is it cool to use them, you can use them to kill hard to kill enemies!

  • Zoomerang

    By collecting 15 Golden Cogs you will unlock the Zoomerang.

  • Unlock ending bonus

    After finishing the game with all cogs, eggs, and opals By collectinged for a 100% completion you will unlock a bonus level, an extra FMV sequence after the ending credits, and the MOVIES option at the EXTRAS menu.

  • Kill them all at once

    If there are too many enemies coming at you at once, use the boomerangs to kill them all at once.

  • Preview of Ty 2

    When you collect the gallery pictures, and look at them in the gallery, some of the pictures show you previews of some things in Ty 2, like the CY robot enemies you will see if the next game.

  • How to beat Bull

    To defeat the bull, in the level "bull's pen", stand directly in front of one of the yellow things in the ground facing the bull. When it comes to you, run out of the way just in time. It will hit the thing and break it. The bull will lose life.

  • Easy Cog

    In the level "Ship rex" Jump around the pool. On top of the big platform when jumping on the bouncy seats there will be a platform with a Golden Cog on it.

  • Easy kills

    If you have the Multirang and have to fight a group of Frills, run around in circles while throwing all of your boomerangs at once.

  • Walk through Razors

    In part of the level Snow Worries there will be razors, if you are in unlimited health you can walk straight through them.

  • Final battle

    When you are in the final battle, to destroy the flame throwers, hit them with your frostyrang to freeze them, then bite them and it will be destroyed, then the force fields around the doors will be gone and you can break them open with any rang.

  • Getting easy items

    If you look behind waterfalls you will usually find an item hidden.

  • Final Battle with Cass

    When you are in the final battle with cass, and you are inside the robot where the glowing blue/white tubes are, what to do is use your flamarangs to break them open then hit them again.

  • Full air supply

    When you are under water, you can stop over the rocks at the bottom that blow bubbles to give you full air supply.

  • How to beat Sly

    When on the lyrebird level facing Sly, let him throw his boomerangs then throw your frostyrang at him. When his boomerangs come back to him he will lose a third of his health.