Super Monkey Ball 2 Cheats - GC

Game Description:Super Monkey Ball 2 builds on the premise of the original GameCube party game -- monkeys encased in transparent spheres, rolling around fantastical game boards. SMB2 now has 12 exciting party games you can play alone or with up to three friends. New games include Monkey Tennis, Monkey Baseball, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Boat Race, Monkey Shot, and Monkey Dog Fight. Enjoy a new Story Mode, and work your way through 150 stages in the single-player game.
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Super Monkey Ball 2 Cheats

  • Bonus levels

    Select the beginner difficulty setting and After finishing all ten levels in World 1 without using any continues you will unlock 10 bonus beginner levels. Select the advanced difficulty setting and complete all thirty levels in Worlds 2 through 4 without using any continues to unlock 10 bonus advanced levels. Select the expert difficulty setting...

  • Party games

    You need 2,500 play points to unlock a party game. Get quick points by playing challenge mode. Play the beginner level a couple of times without continuing to earn extra stages that will help your score skyrocket.

  • Gift option

    Unlock all party games and the gift option will be unlocked at the options screen, where by using play points, you can buy more lives in challenge mode, in-game movies, and the staff credits.

  • Master bonus levels

    Finish all ten master mode levels without using any continues.

  • Master difficulty setting

    Choose expert difficulty and finish all fifty levels in Worlds 5 through 10 and the ten bonus expert levels without using any continues.