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Game Description:This Formula 1 simulation is designed for repeat gaming. It plays similar to a real championship season where racers must participate and perform well in certain events before moving on to compete on new tracks. Players can choose from the 22 drivers and 11 teams of the Formula 1 season. The game also provides the option of playing in two modes, Normal (for arcade-style racing) and Simulation (with more of the actual perils and problems that a real F1 driver faces). Other features include realistic engine sounds, detailed crashes, random weather conditions, an advanced AI system, and a four-player split-screen mode.
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F1 2002 Cheats

  • No driver actions

    Go onto the "in-car view" and look at the hands of the driver. They will change gears and do similar things. If you go to the back air intake view (after the in-car view), the driver will not move his hands at all.

  • Different rear views

    During a race, change view and use Rear View. There will be different rear view angles for each view.