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Game Description:Fly right into the danger zone with Top Gun: Combat Zones. Thirty-six missions cover three periods in American military history: The 70s, the 80s/90s, and the modern day. You'll flying over South-East Asia, the Gulf States, the Arctic Circle, and, of course, the Top Gun Academy. With eight fighter planes to choose from, you'll never run out of options. But just in case, there's also a Campaign Editor included, so you can design and fly your own missions.
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Top Gun: Combat Zones Cheats

  • Unlock cheat mode:

    Submit the code, to unlock all aircraft and levels. When you save the game, the effects of this code/cheat will be disabled.

    Code: SHPONGLE

  • Anti-aircraft guns

    Fly close to the ground and cause the anti-aircraft guns to overshoot your plane. The anti-aircraft guns will not shoot below a certain point because they risk shooting their own targets.

  • Wipeout enemy aircrafts

    On all levels that contain multiple aircraft bogies, the best thing you can do is to wipe out all aircraft by flying low to the ground, then pulling up on the stick to get a missile lock to annihilate them. Take one bogie out at a time, then fly back close to the ground and start the process all over again.

  • Destroy tanks, vans and most moving ground targets

    Use your afterburners when you are close to the ground. This will not work on BTROs or gunboats.

  • Flying

    As the missions gain in complexity, every fly over must be highly efficient. Instead of tight sweeping turns, use over-the-top turns. This can cut a 10 second turn down to 3 seconds and place you in a better attack mode to start the next run. This requires practice.