Smuggler's Run: Warzones Cheats - GC

  • Publisher: Take Two
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Racing
  • Developer: Angel Studios
  • Release Date:Aug 7, 2002
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Smuggler's Run: Warzones advances the graphics and gameplay of the popular series. Living on the wrong side of the law, you'll escape and outsmart the U.S. Border Patrol, CIA, and FBI, as well as Mexican and Canadian authorities. You'll also run missions in Vietnam and Eastern Europe. Go on 30 timed missions using planes and helicopters in addition to land vehicles. Use special tricks to evade your pursuers, including nitro boost, smoke screen, bombs, electromagnets, repulse shields, cloaking devices, and more. Four new game modes include Domination, Fox and Hound, and Strike. Animated cutscenes add to the storyline.
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Smuggler's Run: Warzones Cheats

  • Low gravity:

    After pausing your game, enter code

    Code: Z, R, Z, R, Right, Right, Right

  • Map:

    Lightly push L while playing the game and a faint map will become visible.

    Code: L

  • No gravity:

    After pausing your game, enter code

    Code: X, Z, X, Z, Up, Up, Up

  • Transparent car:

    After pausing your game, enter code

    Code: Left, Right, Left, Right, Z, Z, R

  • Unlimited countermeasures:

    After pausing your game, enter code

    Code: Y, Y, Y, X, X, Z, Z

  • Baja truck

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 4.

  • Sahara Special

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 18.

  • Russian Winter

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 22.

  • North America

    In joyride mode, get the token in Russia (on the roof of HQ), then the token in Vietnam (use the V-Boost move to get to the volcano), and the token in Russian Winter (on a small "house" near where you start).

  • Baja truck bombs

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 7.

  • D-5 hondo

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 11.

  • Sahara Smoke Screen

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 20.

  • Du Monde oil slick

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 5.

  • Grenadier

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 24.

  • Grenadier bombs

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 25.

  • Super Buggy Boost

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 2.

  • SR News FMV sequence

    Finish in first place in all 25 checkpoint races. The bonus SR News FMV sequence will be unlocked at the "Movie Theater" screen.

  • Special Du Monde

    Finish Smuggler's Training 3.

  • ATV boost

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 14.

  • Hoverbike

    Achieve a "Great" rank on all Smuggler's missions.

  • Vietnam

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 9.

  • Vietnam Secret token

    You can find a secret token at the side of the volcano that you can get stuck at if you drive in. It is on the side in joyridin' mode.

  • Hondo oil slick

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 15.

  • Dual career countermeasures

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 36.

  • ATV monster

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 10.

  • Russian Winter token

    You can find a secret token at the burned village in the far corner in joyridin' mode.

  • Kavostov halftrack

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 27.

  • Kavostov smoke screen

    Finish Smuggler's Mission 29.