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  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date:Mar 12, 2002
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
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Game Description:James Bond must stop the evil mastermind Malprave from creating a clone army that will take over the world. In this first-person shooter, you are Her Majesty's Secret Service's top agent, uncovering secrets to a complex web of evil. Using your Q-lab weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, you'll spy through 10 locations on 12 missions around the world, including the Swiss Alps, Hong Kong, and a giant underwater base. New and familiar villains and friends feature in the game, recreating the elements and style of the 007 series. Bond girls Zoe Nightshade and Carla the Jackal enhance the James Bond experience. Agent of Fire follows a storyline created especially for the game and not seen in any movie.
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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire Cheats

  • Cold Reception: Play piano

    Stand next to the piano in Malprave's office and press A to play some of the 007 Theme.

    Code: A

  • Theme song:

    When in cold reception go to the piano and press square and the piano will play the theme song.

    Code: Square

  • Regenerative armor power-up

    Finish the Mediterranean Crisis level with a Gold rank.

  • Rocket Manor multi-player level

    Finish the Trouble In Paradise level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons. This code unlocks a new multi-player level. It is a large open area. The map settings allow only rockets.

  • Forbidden Depths CH-6 Rocket Launcher

    Shoot out all four of the blue rectangular lights at the first tram station where they ambush you. You will get the rocket launcher as you exit the room.

  • Night of the Jackal Double FSU-4

    When Carla runs in front of the mechanical arm, do not push the button and knock her into the fan. Instead, shoot her until she dies. When you go up the ladder to get to the roof, you can find two FSU-4s there.

  • Night of the Jackal Armor and weapons

    In the first part, after killing all the enemies, break the shop windows to find armor and weapons inside.

  • Unlimited car missiles

    Finish the Dangerous Pursuit level with a Gold rank.

  • Alpine guard skin in multi-player mode

    Finish the Streets Of Bucharest level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Poseidon guard skin in multi-player mode

    Finish the Mediterranean Crisis level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Calypso gun in multi-player mode

    Finish the Fire and Water level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Golden gun in multi-player mode

    Finish the Precious Cargo level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Golden CH-6

    Finish the Precious Cargo level with a Gold rank. When used, this cheat gives you unlimited rockets.

  • Golden accuracy power-up

    Finish the Bad Diplomacy level with a Gold rank. This cheat enables you to have greater auto-aim.

  • Golden armor power-up

    Finish the Forbidden Depths level with a Gold rank.

  • Golden bullet power-up

    Finish the Poseidon level with a Gold rank.

  • Golden grenade power-up

    Finish the Night of the Jackal level with a Gold rank.

  • Golden clip power-up

    Finish the Cold Reception level with a Gold rank.

  • Rapid fire power-up

    Finish the Fire and Water level with a Gold rank.

  • Cyclops Oil guard skin in multi-player mode

    Finish the Poseidon level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Viper gun in multi-player mode

    Finish the Night of the Jackal level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Gravity boots in multi-player mode

    Finish the Bad Diplomacy level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Full arsenal in multi-player mode

    Finish the Forbidden Depths level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Unlimited Golden gun ammunition

    Finish the Evil Summit level with a Gold rank.

  • Lotus Esprit car

    Finish the Streets of Bucharest level with a Gold rank.

  • Poseidon Hidden weapons

    Go through the small vent (use the Q-Laser to open the door) when you enter the level. Shoot the man pacing the room, then use the laser to open the vent again. Next, use the Q-Decrypter to open the door to the right. Shoot the man standing there and pick up his gun. Then, move to the sides of he room. There will be a PS-100 on one side and two...

  • Carrier guard multi-player skin

    Finish the Evil Summit level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Guard skin in multi-player mode

    Finish the Cold Reception level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Stealth Bond skin in multi-player mode

    Finish the Dangerous Pursuit level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

  • Bad Diplomacy 007 icon 3

    The third 007 icon is in the secret room at the end of the hallway.

  • Bad Diplomacy Bond move 3

    Use your Q-Claw outside, on the porch.

  • Cold Reception 007 icons

    The first 007 icon is in the right door when you start. Click the buzzer to open the door. REMEMBER: There are guards in there. The second 007 icon is in the vents, in the rooms on the left of where you start. When you get into the room, use your Q-Laser to unlock the vent. Then, follow it until you find a 007 icon. The third 007 icon is after...

  • Dangerous Pursuit Hidden area

    Drive until you are out of the shipping. Take a right turn and you will see another street at your left, turn immediately. Keep driving until you see a lot of flashing lights. Turn into that building and drive at full speed up the stairs. This will take you to an area. Keep driving and you will go flying through a billboard featured in an...

  • Evil Summit 007 icons

    Once you get all of these and defeat Bloch, you should get a Platinum medal (if you got enough points), and unlock the Carrier Guard model in multi-player mode. There are two 007 icons on the first towers where you start. Kill the snipers and go up the elevators to get them. The third 007 icon is on the balcony where they show you if you are...

  • Night of the Jackal SSR 4000 sniper rifle

    Get to your first Q claw location on that stage and jump to your left onto a platform where there was a sniper.

  • Bad Diplomacy 007 icon 1

    The first 007 icon is in the room after you kill the first two men.

  • Bad Diplomacy 007 icon 2

    The second 007 icon is in the big circle room, on the second floor.

  • Bad Diplomacy Bond move 1

    Turn off all three alarm lasers.

  • Bad Diplomacy Bond move 4

    Retrieve the Key Card.

  • Forbidden Depths Destroying automatic machine guns

    To destroy the automatic machine guns, aim at the turret, or if you have the shotgun, blast them and the platform holding the gun.

  • Multi-player mode Using the Q-Claw

    If you turn the Q-Claw on, you can claw on to almost any surface. You can also use it to escape if you are being shot at.

  • Night of the Jackal Women in the shower

    Before you enter the shower room, kill the sniper and jump over to steal his gun. Enter the shower room slightly, then aim and look through the sniper rifle at the shower. When you enter the house through the balcony, there is a shower scene. To get a better view of the hologram, go out to the balcony. Over to the right (when exiting the...

  • Poseidon Computer screens

    All the computer screens show the oil rig from The World Is Not Enough.

  • Poseidon Double Bond moves

    Reach the room where the auto guns are located, and at each booth where you download information into Poseidon to make it crash. Quickly tap B(2) (Default Setup 1 for gadget) to get two Bond Moves for each booth.

  • Evil Summit Survive towers

    Go across from the tower where you can ride to the other tower. When you land, do not ride the other one or you will probably get killed. Instead, snipe the guards or ride the elevator down and use the boxes for cover. After about fifty are dead, they will stop appearing. Get the ammunition and go back up the elevator (or if you sniped, ride it...

  • Evil Summit Unlimited Bond moves

    At the location where you have to use your Q-Remote on one of the towers, you can continuously get a Bond Move from it. Therefore, you will keep getting points for it. Go to the beginning of the bridge on the right, near the green boxes. Shoot out the glass on the first window of the bridge room. You can slide down the slope and jump in. It is...

  • Forbidden Depths Hidden message

    At the first station you stop at, there is a scrolling message which says World Domination Seminar.

  • Night of the Jackal Items

    Walk around on the streets to find items such as a Frinshi shotgun and some body armor. If you are trying for a platinum medal, there will be one or two 007 icons in the windows.

  • Poseidon level Alternate intermission sequence

    In the room that has the switch for the Auto-Guns, punch out the guard to get a card key. It will be on the end of the table on the right, facing the main room. Then, complete the level. The intermission sequence will show Bond having some fun with Zoe instead of getting knocked out with the gas . You will also start at a different point in the...

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 1

    Open the front door with the Q-Decryptor.

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 2

    Use the Q-Claw to get on the roof.

  • Bad Diplomacy Bond move 2

    Open the secret door at the end of the hallway.

  • Bad Diplomacy Bond move 5

    Receive the Passcode Generator.

  • Fire and Water Shortcut

    In the second part of this level (where the giant pumps are located), instead of having to turn on the pumps, dealing with killing everyone else, then getting the timing correctly when jumping onto the pumps, just refuel your jet pack. Stand on the platform as close as you can to one of the them and use your Q-Jet to get through the opening in...

  • Streets of Bucharest Undamaged tanks

    When you are in the tank at the end of the level, you will encounter two other tanks that are firing at you. If you aim quickly enough, you can destroy the train, tanks, and bridge before the intermission sequence featuring the tanks. After that, you will see the bridge falling on the tanks, but not harming them. Then, there is a short...

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 5

    Open the locked gate with your laser.

  • Turn off alarm

    If a guard trips an alarm, you can turn it off by pressing any of the alarm buttons.

  • Trouble In Paradise Avoid security cameras

    When you have to get into the Identicon complex, use the Q-Claw on the pipeline, as R explained, to avoid security cameras and get a clean shot at the guard's head in the first room.

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 4

    Open the armory door.

  • Trouble In Paradise Key card

    There is a locked armory to the left if you entered through the front door. It contains grenades and a bazooka. To get the key card, enter by using the Q-claw on the vent outside. At the end of the catwalk you will drop down and see a guard facing away. Drop in, get directly on top of him, and hit him with your fist. He should go down with one...

  • Dangerous Pursuit Hidden jump

    As soon a you exit the first tunnel with the two guards on the walkway, take a right, turn followed by a left turn, then a right turn, then another right turn. This should lead to an area between two buildings with lights and banners hung between them. There will be a Q-Boost next to a tree in the middle. Next, take a left turn, and then a right...

  • Goldengun/P2K easy rapid fire

    While using the gun, press Z to go to its secondary function. While the gun is changing, hold Fire. It will fire rapidly and will unload the clip.

  • Killing white snowsuit armored men

    In the level where you are supposedly a journalist, use a shotgun blast to kill the people with white snowsuit armor. If it misses their face, it penetrates their armor anyway.

  • Night of the Jackal Avoiding guards in kitchen

    When you have to run through a kitchen and you will always hit something onto the floor. A guard or two will rush in to investigate. You can avoid knocking those things over by pressing Triangle to jump over them.

  • Night of the Jackal Killing woman

    Use the following trick to kill the lady at the end of the level with a Bond Move. Start shooting at the lady until she is standing in front of the machine. When she is there, move to the right wall behind the boxes. Next to you is a green action button. Press A on this to knock her in a ventilation shaft with a fan blades on the top, which will...

  • Dangerous Pursuit 007 icons

    At the start of the level, turn the car around and go to the end (start) of the shipyard. A 007 icon is there. A gas station is at the northwest corner of the map. When you approach it, men will start shooting at you. Shoot back to destroy the gas station. A 007 icon is located between the burning gas pumps. At the northwest end of the map,...

  • Destroying helicopters

    If there is a helicopter shooting you, a regular gun takes a long time to destroy it. However, if you have a Sniper Rifle (SSR 4000), use it to snipe the man's head in a helicopter. For example, Mediterranean Crisis has two helicopters to be destroyed. Use an SSR 4000 on one, and the machine gun on the second.

  • Evil Summit Defeating bloch

    After you shoot Bloch enough with your D17 to make him use his jet pack and get onto the highest level, fill up your own and follow him. There are four platforms, all connected by stairs. Get on one of the higher two and wait for Bloch to get on one of the adjacent lower platforms. If you are standing in the correct position, you will be able to...

  • Fire and Water Hidden weapons

    At the starting position, turn to the right and jump on top of the boxes (by the armor). Scale along the boxes until you are on top of the orange barrel, then turn toward the other two orange barrels located in front of the white tanks. Next, jump to these barrels from the boxes. While on top of the barrels, take out your gun and look down. Jump...

  • Fire and Water Killing Snipers

    When you are in the oil pumps room, take out your sniper gun and fire at the sniper's feet. They will die instantly. When you get out of the pump room, use the Q-remote on the green signals.

  • Night of the Jackal 007 icons

    The first 007 icon is in a shop on the streets. Jump on the car, and when you see the icon, jump over to it to get it. The next 007 icon is on the balcony where you can get a sniper by killing the guard. The third 007 icon is in the room where the lady is crying. It should be behind the table. The last 007 icon is on the top of the building...

  • Trouble in Paradise 007 icons

    The first 007 icon is on top of the building. Use your Q-Claw to get on top of the building, then follow the path to find it. The second 007 icon is found after you go down the elevator. You will see it sitting on the boxes in the back right corner. The third 007 icon is in the room with plants sitting on the tables. It is on the left side of...

  • Precious Cargo Quick helicopter kill

    After the part in which Zoe says James, we're surrounded! and you drive to the right after eliminating the enemies, you will pass through an alley. At the end of the alley you will reach a park setting. Fire a missile straight ahead and slightly upwards as you exit the alley. The missile should explode on the face of a building, yet destroy an...

  • Streets of Bucharest level Destroying tanks

    You will encounter two tanks at the end of the level. Fire your missiles at the train that passes over head. Aim for the red tanker car, and it will explode and also destroy the tanks.

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 6

    Shoot the canister on the back of the forklift.

  • Trouble In Paradise Easy gold medal

    To achieve the Golden Gun bonus, get the gold medal on the first level. To do this, get as much accuracy as you can, take as less hits as you can, and do all the Bond Moves (shooting barrels to explode, shooting vital enemy characters and find secret areas).

  • Bad Diplomacy 007 icon 4

    The last 007 icon is by the glass cases after the room were you see the dead man.

  • Fire And Water Quick objective

    Once you use your Q-Laser to open the door lock and the lock that leads to the ladder, go up the ladder and kill the men that are in your path. If you do not want to kill the men below, quickly run over to the door and press Action. You will now have completed your objective quickly.

  • Night of the Jackal Bond move

    After killing the second sniper and using the Q-Claw to get on the ledge, jump over to get the sniper's gun for a Bond move.

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 7

    Shoot the cable that drops a box on one of the guards.

  • Trouble In Paradise Enter the armory

    When you shoot the chain holding the crate, and keep going straight. An intermission with four men approaching will begin. They will look at the crates with the body armor behind them. You go over to the crates, then crouch and hide behind them. The four men will just run right by you without knowing you were there.

  • Bad Diplomacy Turning off the lasers

    Wear the Q-Specs and look around the laser. There will be a secret box that you walk approach and press Action. Then, take out your laser and zap it. The laser will now be off.

  • Bad Diplomacy Using the Q-Specs

    At a laser alarm, use your Q-Specs when you see a little box on the wall. Press the square button against it. On the left when you are facing the door that reads No Entry, use your Q-specs. You will see a door. Open it to find darts.

  • Cold Reception Display case

    To get to the rocket launcher and body armor in the display case without tripping the alarm, go to the room that contains the blueprints. There should be a picture of one of the twins on the wall. Approach it and press A. The picture should slide back, allowing you to walk into the display case to get those items.

  • Height

    When you get a gadget, look for a techy thing. The height of the tech is your arm level. Then, compare the height of the thing with how far it is from the ground. You will see that James Bond is very short in the game.

  • Multi-player mode Float in mid-air

    To float in mid-air on the multi-player protect the VIP missions, wait until the train arrives at the station to let off the VIP. Then, use your Q-Claw to attach to the top of the train. As the train leaves you will not remain attached to it, but will continue to float in mid-air if continued to hold B for the Q-Claw.

  • Trouble In Paradise Bond Move 3

    Open the other large door.