Robotech: Battlecry Cheats - GC

  • Publisher: TDK Mediactive
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Vicious Cycle
  • Release Date:Oct 14, 2002
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:The classic 1980s animated space opera comes to the GameCube in Robotech: Battlecry. You are draftee fighter pilot Jack Archer, bound to fight the evil alien Zentraedi in your Veritech fighter plane/robot. Transform your vehicle from robot to plane, or back, at a moment's notice. You'll fight through 40 missions in environments that include land, air, and outer space. Plug in another controller for deathmatch mode.
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Robotech: Battlecry Cheats

  • All models and awards:

    Enter the code.


  • All multi-player levels:

    Enter the code.


  • Alternate paint schemes:

    Enter the code.


  • Cheat mode:

    Go to the NEW GAME or LOAD GAME screen. Press and hold L + R + Z and push Left, Up, Down, A, Right, B, Start to see the code entry screen. Submit one of the codes below to enable that particular cheat code.

    Code: Hold L + R + Z and push Left, Up, Down, A, Right, B, Start

  • Disable active codes:

    Enter the code.

    Code: CLEAR

  • Fully charged in sniper mode:

    Enter sniper mode, then hold Fire to charge. Once fully charged, exit sniper mode while holding Fire. The next time you want to go into sniper mode, hold Fire as you change to that view. You will now have a fully charged weapon the moment you change into sniper mode.

    Code: Hold Fire

  • Gunpod ammunition refilled faster:

    Enter the code.


  • Gunpod and missiles refilled faster:

    Enter the code.

    Code: MIRIYA

  • Invincibility:

    Enter the code.


  • Level select:

    Enter the code.


  • Missiles refilled faster:

    Enter the code.

    Code: MARSBASE

  • One shot kills in sniper mode:

    Enter the code.

    Code: SNIPER

  • One shot kills:

    Enter the code.


  • Upside down mode:

    Enter the code.

    Code: FLIPSIDE

  • Superior Defense medal

    Finish the Attrition mission. You also unlock the Graystone versus mode level.

  • Invincibility

    Select training mode. Submit the code jet fighter training, destroy only the first two targets, then exit. Submit the code story mode and you will be invincible.

  • Robotech Marksman medal

    By killing 50 Nousjadel-Ger in Sniper Mode. You also unlock the Stealth mech colors.

  • Titanium Medal of Valor medal

    Finish the Knife's Edge mission. You also unlock the VF-1J in story and versus modes.

  • Tuna Head medal

    By killing 50 Del Regults. You also unlock Queadluun-Rau in versus mode.

  • Jolly Roger medal

    Finish the Party Crashers mission three times. This also unlocks the Skull Leader mech colors.

  • Bronze Cross medal

    Destroy 50 Battle Pods.

  • R.D.F. Supernova medal

    Finish Gold Nova medal set. You also unlock the City In Space versus mode level and the Patriot mech colors.

  • Distinguished Service medal

    Finish the Enemy Within mission. You also unlock the Rick mech colors.

  • Gold Nova medal

    Finish the Vengeance mission three times.

  • Silver Cross medal

    Finish the Bronze Cross medal set and destroy 75 Battle Pods.

  • Silver Shield medal

    Use the VF-1A to Finish the Graveyard mission. You also unlock the Graveyard versus mode level and Miriya mech colors.

  • Gold Cross medal

    Finish the Silver Cross medal set and destroy 100 Battle Pods.

  • R.D.F. Starburst medal

    R.D.F. Starburst medal:

  • Meritorious Service medal

    Finish the Force of Arms mission. You also unlock the Izzy mech colors.

  • R.D.F. Flying Ace medal

    R.D.F. Flying Ace medal:

  • Southern Cross medal

    Finish the Gold Cross medal set. You also unlock the Factory versus mode level and the Armored Valkerie in versus mode.

  • Wolf Leader medal

    Finish the To The Death mission. This also unlocks the VF-1R in story and versus modes and the Wolf mech colors.

  • Master Airman medal

    Destroy 100 Fighter Pods.

  • Quicker missile targeting

    Quicker missile targeting: