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Game Description:NHL 2K3, with its state-of-the-art graphics and intricate gameplay, delivers the nuances, drama and grand scale of the NHL hockey experience. An ESPN TV broadcast presentation features game highlights, replays, player introductions and commentary. A new Franchise Mode allows you to build a dynasty, role-playing as general manager, coach, scout and players. Countless variables in player attributes and control of player line-ups, substitutions, and special teams, allow for more realistic gameplay. A cutting-edge physics engine and fine-tuned controls heat up the action on the ice.
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NHL 2K3 Cheats

  • Goalie Physics

    In this Sega Sports hockey title, goalies are more life-like then in any other sports game ever made. For instance if you shoot a shot and the goalie has to dive for the shot, he will have to re-center his body and balance. Therefore it is recommended that gamers look for shots off of rebounds so they can effectively take advantage of a fallen...