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Game Description:NOTE: As a rental, this game does not include the memory card 59. Create a thriving community that works even while you sleep! Animal Crossing is a "community sim" that takes place in real-time. Get a job, build and furnish a house and explore your village. Then take it on the road with your memory card, and visit your friends' villages as well. Multiplayer options allow up to four players to "live" in your village, and with a Game Boy Advance there are plenty of other options. Don't forget to look for the hidden classic NES games!
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Animal Crossing Cheats

  • Secret Song: I love you

    To get 3 secret songs go to the train station at 8:00. Talk to the weird dog guy with big eyebrows (Totakeke). When he asks you if you have any requests say yes. Then type in the code.

    Code: I love you

  • Secret Song: K.K. song

    To get 3 secret songs go to the train station at 8:00. Talk to the weird dog guy with big eyebrows (Totakeke). When he asks you if you have any requests say yes. Then type in the code.

    Code: K.K. song

  • Secret Song: Two days ago

    To get 3 secret songs go to the train station at 8:00. Talk to the weird dog guy with big eyebrows (Totakeke). When he asks you if you have any requests say yes. Then type in the code.

    Code: Two days ago

  • 30,000 Bells

    Go to Tom Nook and talk to him. When you you see Other Things go down to it. Then choose Say Code.

    Code: W B 2 8 p A R A c n o w n U j M C K % h T k 8 J H y r T

  • Get the golden shovel

    Purchase two shovels. Find a piece of glowing earth and dig it up. Then, plant a shovel in the glowing earth.

  • Get the golden fishing pole

    Catch all 40 types of fish. REMEMBER: There may be more or less.

  • Get the golden butterfly net

    Catch all 40 types of bugs.

  • Get a 30,000 bonus in the HRA

    To do this you must set the town clock to the Harvest Festival past 5:00 PM. Then go down the wishing well, press B on the fork and knife at the bottom table, you will pick them up. If you think that they\'re for nothing your wrong. Now go talk to a animal in your town, does\'nt matter which one, he or she will say something about a strange guy...

  • Gold fishing rod

    When you get the fishing rod set the date to the 4th of july and catch the big shadow in the water i think that is the only way to get a gold fishingrod.

  • Unlock the golden Axe

    Get your town rating to be "Perfect" for two entire weeks. The Golden Axe is indestructible.

  • Gameplay hints

    Hear every song, upgrade to a larger house, and talk to people multiple times. Following these tips will enable you to reveal more of the story in Animal Crossing, as well as enable you to obtain more free items, and trades.

  • Whisp

    Every night between 12 and 4, there is a ghost somewhere in town. You cannot see him until you will step where he is standing. He will ask you to catch five ghouls for him before 4 o'clock. If you do so, you can get a prize, roof painting, or he will remove all the weeds in your town.

  • Easy money 1

    In late July walk along the river until you see a huge shawdow. It will be easy to catch and worth 10,000 bells.

  • Easy money 10

    7. Sell things you don't need or that you find the dump or the police station.

  • Make Mr. Resetti angry

    While playing the game reset the GameCube. Begin the game again and Mr. Resetti will complain. If you repeat it will make him angrier.

  • Bigger house sooner

    When you pay back your loan, Tom Nook says to wait till tomorrow to get your house bigger. Save the game and restart. Set the clock ahead a day. Then save again and set the clock back. Your house will be bigger!

  • Easy money 5

    2. Use a code to get 30,000 bells.

  • Fossils

    Use your shovel to dig up fossils. use paper to send them in to the far away museum. when done go to your gyro and save and quit. go back on. when says ready to go say before i go. then other things. then set clock. set the clock a day ahead. then go back under your name. open your mail box. you will have letters with presents. take the...

  • Easy money 2

    When bees appear from trees, take out your butterfly net and face the beehive. If you can catch a bee, you can sell it for $4500.

  • Easy money 7

    4. Sell things the mayor gives you.

  • Easy money 8

    5. Dig up glowing spots.

  • Lose your friends

    Bump into somebody (animal) and that would make them angry the more you bump them the more they get anrgy but they might stop being your friend.

  • Make more money out of tom nook's first job

    Okay, first Tom Nook gives u uniforms. When u get the uniform drop it somewhere. Go back to tom and talk to him. Then he will give u another! keep doing this until u want to stop. Then after u finish all jobs sell the shirts!

  • Obtain easy items

    One of the best ways to get new items that you cannot buy is to do work for the residents, and do it often. Do their little chores and they will (more often than not) reward you with things that are hard to come by in Nook's store.

  • Easy money 11

    8. Sell rare bugs and fish (if you don't have them in your museum.)

  • Easy money 6

    3. Shake trees (you need an umbrella to be safe.)

  • How to grow a money tree

    First, find a glowing piece of earth. Dig it up and you get a money bag. Plant the money bag in the glowing hole and a seedling will sprout, which will grow in to a money tree.

  • Easy money 3

    Play the Stalk Market. Turnips do not seem like that much of a commodity, but its gold in the game. You can make a fortune buying Turnips and selling them at the right price.

  • Easy money 4

    1. Get the train station model and sell it to tom nook.

  • Easy money 9

    6. Make it new year and your mom will send you 10,000.

  • Being nasty

    This is pretty cool. It's how to blow off Nook when you're working for him whenever you can. 1. When he tells you to go plant flowers, just run to your new house and plant them there. He'll never know! Yay, free flowers:) 2. While you're out "decorating the grounds", you can make a quick switch into your old clothes (who likes that ugly uniform,...

  • Coelacanth

    When it rains go down to the ocean. Keep walking along the water until you find an unusually large shadow, catch it. You have just caught a Coelacanth worth 15,000 bells. You can catch as many as you want all day (it rains all day).

  • Get NES games

    Talk to the townspeople until they ask you when your birthday is. Most of them will say something similar to "How would you like a train set for your birthday?" Answer "Yes" and you will put in your birthday. On your birthday, one of the townsfolk will be outside your house. He or she will present you with a NES. For example, Virgos will get...

  • Missed a Holiday?

    If you missed a holiday you can go back in time here is how you do it after you press start go to before I go... after you click that do it again and it will lead you to something that says demolish house build a new town when your there click set clock and set the time.