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Game Description:Super Monkey Ball is THE party game for the GameCube. You're a monkey sealed in a transparent sphere on the surface of a maze. Tilt the maze to get the monkey to the exit. Sound easy? Hah. Up to four players can compete, or a single player can take on all 90 levels of this puzzle masterpiece. When you're tired of that, there are six other party games to play: Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, Monkey Target, Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf, each as fun, inventive, and intelligent as Monkey Ball. There are thousands of hours of play here; enjoy!
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Super Monkey Ball Cheats

  • Quick finish in Monkey Race:

    During any Monkey Race on any setting, enter code

    Code: L + R + A + X + Y

  • Skip credits:

    enter code

    Code: Press and hold L + R and over and over again, push A when the first words appear.

  • Unlimited continues

    After you buy all three mini-games, for every 2,500 play points you get, you will gain an extra continue. After you reach 9 continues, the game will give you unlimited continues.

  • Unlock EX levels

    Finish beginner mode without losing any lives to unlock 3 EX levels. Extra levels may be unlocked on all difficulties by not falling once. But, once you get to the extra levels, you can die as many times as you have continues.

  • Unlock bonus level

    Choose any difficulty setting and complete all normal levels. A bonus level will start during the credits. Get as many bananas as you can while avoiding the falling letters from the credits. The names of the programmers who made the game will appear above the bananas. All the letters will fall down and you have to try and dodge them.

  • Unlock Master mode

    Finish the game in expert mode without using any continues.

  • Play all mini-games with 2,500 PP

    Gain 2,500 PP (play points) then save the game. Put a memory card in slot B. Transfer the saved file to slot B. Open slot B and you can play all mini-games.

  • Advanced level 18 Warp

    During the start of race against the goals on the giant musical note, just roll off the head of the first arrow on the right. You will fall to the bottom of the course. Wait for the red goal to swing around and roll directly through it. You will warp to level 25, the obstacle-like course.

  • Advanced level 25 Green goal

    Advanced mode level 25 has a green goal which can be reached by stopping at the blue goal and taking the pathway. Do not take any of the shortcuts unless you are very skilled, and are short on time (under twenty seconds). This will take you to level 28 At the very beginning, go to the left slightly (enough to clear the "boing" posts). Go as...

  • Expert level 2 Warp

    There is a warp door in the second stage of expert mode. The stage has two doors, the red one is the warp. It has bananas on the front. To reach it, you must climb a narrow path.

  • Expert level 8 Easy finish

    Just jump off to the right. You have little time and you must be careful because of the gaps.

  • Beginner level 2Green goal

    At the beginning of the level, face backwards. You will see a ramp. Gain speed and go over the ramp. REMEMBER: Too much speed will send you flying. You will land on a platform. Turn around and you will be facing the goal.

  • Extra points

    There are a few warps in the game that can result in more points in the normal levels. In the second level in beginners mode, there is a ramp on the opposite side of the original goal. Climb that ramp slowly and you will fall on a floor beneath it, with the goal that transports you to the fifth floor. In advance mode, there is a level similar...

  • Beginner level 6 Easy finish

    Just jump off to the right.

  • Monkey Fight Punch the camera or opponent

    After winning a battle in monkey fight, while your monkey is celebrating turn towards the camera and press A to punch it. In this same manner, if you turn the camera towards another opponent who is within reach, you can hit them and send them flying. This trick works the best if you have a couple of arm extensions.