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Game Description:You've crashed on an alien world, and your ship flew into pieces upon landing. Your goose is pretty much cooked, but as you start looking around, you notice that the plants are ... moving! Pikmin puts you in the shoes of a stranded astronaut who must figure out how to communicate with (and eventually command) the intelligent native flora, called Pikmin, in order to survive. Use the special abilities of the cute little Pikmin to explore the planet and find the pieces of your ship. You're under a strict time limit on a planet with 15-minute "days", so hurry!
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Pikmin Cheats

  • Captain's logs:

    To see the pages where Olimar had written his discoveries, press Y on the area selection screen.

    Code: Y

  • Faster Pikmin:

    If you have a single Pikmin that is slow, hold A. You will pick up your Pikmin and can run at the same speed you move without the Pikmin in your hands.

    Code: Hold A

  • Fireworks:

    Push Down to round up four Pikmin to carry you back to your base camp. A short fireworks display appear. This also eventually happens if you stand idle.

    Code: Down

  • Get carried to Onion:

    Press Down and Olimar will lay down. If he has any Pikmin with him, five of them will carry him to the Onion and the rest will stay behind.

    Code: Down

  • In-game reset:

    Enter code when playing the game.

    Code: A + B + X + Y + Start

  • Invincible Olimar:

    Push Down and Olimar will lay down. He cannot be harmed in this position.

    Code: Down

  • Challenge mode option

    Save your game at any time to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option at the main menu. choose that option to replay previously completed sections in a time attack type scenario. Collect as many Pikmin as possible before nightfall.

  • Get various colored Pikmin

    You can get the Red Pikmin when you start the game (Impact Site). You can get Yellow Pikmin when you get to the next area (Forest Of Hope). You can get the Blue Pikmin in the third area (Forest Navel).

  • Bombs

    When you are trying to blow up walls with your Yellow Pikmin and have bombs remaining after the task is completed, keep them. They are very useful for killing enemies. Keep the Pikmin with the bombs away from the group. If a bomb explodes, your entire group may die. To use the Pikmin with the leftover bombs, simply throw them at the target and...

  • Carrying parts

    If you do not have time to carry a part back to the ship in one day, start to do so anyway. Follow the Pikmin so that you can call them when the game prompts you to gather your Pikmin. The part will be in the same spot that you left it at.

  • Start with 24 flower Pikmin

    At the start of the first day at the Impact Site, notice that you will have no time at the top. Feel free to get all the Pikmin you can into the Onion and then just wait, or run Omar around and practice moves. Because there is no time limit, wait until all your Pikmin grow to the flower stage. This gives you 24 free flower Pikmin to start the game

  • Free pollen

    Look carefully now the Forest Of Hope. There is a lot of pollen up on some of the big mountain-like hills, just next to the first can of bombs, and directly on both sides of where you first find the yellow Onion.

  • Libra

    To get the part that Captain Olimar's daughter gave him, get 30 to 40 Red Pikmin to knock down the wall and build the bridge. When they are done, take them to kill the fire shooting enemy. Next, take all but 15 to 20 Pikimin back to the Onion. Get 15 to 20 Yellow Pikmin and 5 Blue Pikmin and carefully take them to the floating island. Shoot the...

  • Non-Dioxin

    Get 60 to 80 Blue Pikmin and kill the frogs. After killing them, have your Pikmin grab the part. When they reach the shore, take them back to the Onion. Get 70 to 89 Red Pikmin and have them grab the part. Have the remaining Pikmin attack any monsters that threaten the Pikmin carrying the part.

  • Shock Absorber

    Get 35 to 40 Red Pikmin and take them to a ledge where you find a pellet with a "5" on it. Press the C-stick to launch them faster on the ledge. Once all the Pikmin are on there, you should see a pool of water with a root going from the land into the water. Walk up the root onto the land and avoid the Spotty Bolborb. Call your Pikimin, attack...

  • #1 Ionium Jet

    Get 15 to 20 Blue Pikmin and jump down to the to the river, so that you see the part. Gather the Pikmin and have them get the part. If you get lost, follow the Pikmin. They will know the way.

  • Blowing up walls faster

    Get a group of Yellow Pikmin all with bombs go up to a wall. If it is a regular wall, then just throw three of them at one time. If it is a black wall, then carefully throw about four of them, then throw the last two after the first explosion.

  • Get more Pikmin

    Note the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to their "Onions." The destination that Pikmin will carry objects to depends on the members of the group. If there are more blue Pikmin than red Pikmin in the group, they will bring it to the blue hive. When the same color pellet is brought to the corresponding hive color it will...

  • Bowsprit

    First, clear out the Spotty Bolborbs and their infants. Next, get 30 Red Pikmin and kill the beetle. Build the ramps and knock down the wall. Also, you need 50 Pikmin to grab the part. Next, there should be another door with ramps and a wall. Build the ramp and knock down the wall. If you already have not done so, blow up the wall leading to the...

  • Geiger Counter

    Blow up the wall, then get 100 Red Pikmin. Get rid of all the Bolborbs. Next, get your Blue Pikmin and have them push the box. After that, launch the Red Pikmin onto the ledge near the lake. Go onto the ramp the box was on and when you reach the plateau, there should be a bird. Run away from it and collect your Red Pikmin. Check where the star...

  • How to kill bulborbs faster

    Get 3yellow pikmin carrying bombs. then find a bulborb and dissmiss them.then wake it up and stand behind the pikmin. hope this cheat helps you.

  • Analog Computer

    Continuing from the Libra part, just get more Red and Blue Pikmin and proceed from the bridge up further. Have the Blue Pikmin to drag the part onto land. Then, have your Red Pikmin take the part back and the Blue Pikmin making the stick to water. Then, gather the Blue Pikmin from the river and go up the ramp to the Onions.

  • Interstellar Radio

    Get 30 to 40 Blue Pikmin and take them to the area with some attacking crabs and a blowing monster. Kill the crabs and launch the Pikmin onto the belly of the monster until the animal is killed. Then, send your Pikmin to get the part. You should have about 10 to 18 Pikmin remaining. Make sure they attack the monsters that threaten the convoy...

  • Position Generator

    To get the part from the clam, get 30 to 40 Blue Pikmin and break down the wall. Next, dismiss them. Grab 10 of them and launch them to attack the inside of the clam. The clam should pull back the top of the shell to close it. Call your Pikmin back. Repeat this until you get the part Then, call back the rest of the Pikmin and take the part.

  • The Required Parts List

    There are only 25 parts that are needed to finish the game. The other parts are optional. Main Engine Positron Generator Eternal Fuel Dynamo Whisical Radar Extraordinary Bolt Nova Blaster (optional) Shock Absorber Radiation Canopy Geiger Counter Sagittarius #1 Ionium Jet Automatic Gear Gravity Jumper Space Float (optional) Non-Dixion Guard...

  • Advanced throwing technique

    This trick is very helpful in fighting Pearly Clamclamps and Emperor Bulblax. If you want to throw Pikmin very rapidly, to do a lot of damage, press A rapidly while also using the C-stick to make the Pikmin swarm around Olimar. There will always be a Pikmin handy for Olimar to throw every time you press A.

  • Gluon Drive

    You need at least 90 Blue Pikmin. Have them kill the frog and bugs guarding the part Next, have them build the bridges connecting to the land. Before you grab the part, get rid of the monsters that are blocking the way. If you do not have a least 50 Pikmin, then get some more and send them to get the part back to the Dolphin.

  • Keeping Pikmin safe

    When your Pikmin are carrying things to the ship or Onion and get attacked, lay in front of the monster until they are safe. When collecting part number 1, your Pikmin can get caught in the engine and die. To keep them safe, throw your Pikmin on top of the part. REMEMBER: This does not work all the time.

  • Omega Stabilizer

    Get 50 Red Pikmin, kill the Polly Wolliogs, and leave them there. Next, take on the enemy and punch it until it dies. Then, gather your Pikmin, have them grab the Stabilizer and take it back to the ship.

  • Radiation Canopy

    Get as many Blue Pikmin to knock down the wall. Then, get about 80 to 90 Pikmin of any color (Red recommended) and shoot them up onto the nearby ledge. You now can do one of two things; confront the spider or distract the beetle while you Pikmin grab the canopy and take it back to the ship. The safest way is to confront the spider. After you...